Ruhleben Camp Changes List 79

This pages is an index of Prisoner of War movement in/out/intra the Ruhleben First World War camp. This held mainly British civilian prisoners including many Merchant Seaman including the crew of the SS Brussels.

The orginal documents are in document MT 9/1597.

[[Ruhleben]], 2nd April, 1918 

CAMP CHANGES including Release, Removals etc. since 26th March 1918.

Supplement 79

26.3.18.	0RIMSHAW, Alexander, returned to Barrack 14.

                The following man arrived from Celle Schloss:
                 Hanoi	LYSTER-SMYTHER, Ingoldsby
                 Birthhdate:    4th June 1890
                 Birthplace:    Collinstown, West Meath, Ireland. Occupation:      None
                 Address:	Collinstown, West Meath, Ireland.
                 Barrack:	5

28.3.18.	The following man arrived from Antwerp:
                 Name:	NICHOLSON, Harry William
                 Birthdate:	30th December 1897
                 Birthplace:	St. Dennis-Westrem, near Ghent
                 Occupation:	Steward
                 Address:	Begynenvest No.4, Antwerp
                 Barrack:	14.

30.3.18.	The following man waa released:
                 SNOWMAN, Eduard • Barrack 5.
                 HAYNES, Frederick, removed from Barrack 9 to Kriegsgefangenen-lazarette Alexandrinenstrasse, Berlin.

1.4.18.	        The following men were released:
                 LEVIS, Bertie Gerald - Barrack 7.
                 SCHMIDT, Bernhard Johann - Barrack 1 (till 30th April 1918)

Number of men in Camp to-day (lst April 1918) • 2464.

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