The Wanborough (Surrey) is an experiment in using the web to produce a hyper-linked history of Wanborough.  Wanborough is located near Guildford, in the County of Surrey, in England. The centre of the village or hamlet has :-

  • Church (12th cent.)
  • Village Hall
  • Great Barn (dating to 1388)
  • Wanborough Manor and
  • a small number of houses.

The parish of Wanborough spreads boths sides of the Hogs Back.

A topographical Description of Surrey 1837 by Thomas  Moule

“Wanborough 3.5 miles from Guildford contains 21 houses and 107 inhabitants.    The church is dedicated to St Bartholomew and is a curancy. “

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  1. Giles Colchester says:

    I am currently at work on a one name study of the Packard family (excluding those in the US. I noticed that you have a reference to an Elizabeth Packard http://spw-surrey.com/whp/?p=637 in the will of Judith SOWLE (-1769) on your website. At prsent I do not recognise this Elizabeth, but wondered as she is the sister of Judith Sowle, whether anyone knew what their maiden name was.
    Giles Colchester
    [email protected]

  2. Giles Colchester says:

    After a little more research I see that Elizabeth Packard’s (see will of Judith Sowle) maiden name was in fact Hinde, and that she married a Pickard, hence I could not identify her. There is some information on http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=031-dblx&cid=-1#-1 which seems to confirm this.

  3. Elizabeth Lamb says:


    I am researching the Budd family of West Tisted, Hampshire.
    I am descended from John and Mary Budd. John died c. 1725 and left a will.

    There is another will for a John Budd of West Tisted, but in 1726. He had children Henry, Elizabeth (Bradley), John, William, Richard and Olive. His wife was Elizabeth and she survived him. A Chancery case ensued. His brother Henry Budd lived at Coalmer (sic).

    This family had links with the parishes of Priors Dean and Colmer.

    I am wondering if this family is somehow related to the Warnborough family.

    • batemanm says:

      Yes I am confident that the Wanborough BUDD family is descended from the Colmer BUDDs. I will you drop a email offline later this week.


  4. John Paul Bradford says:

    I’m just poking my nose into the Hinde family mentioned in these pages. Specifically, I am research the Pyke family of Woodinstown, Co. Tipperary. Mary Hinde, whose long will has been patiently transcribed her married John Pyke (alias Palmer) who was heir to extensive properties in County Tipperary. They married in London in January 1722/3. He was dead by 1734 and Mary suffered a long widowhood, brighten we hope, by her three sons Thomas, Hinde and John.

    • John Paul Bradford says:

      Just some corrections to my last. The will is not that of the wife of John Pyke but his mother-in-law, whose husband was Richard Hinde and whose maiden name was Gelsthorpe. We have narrowed down John’s death to May 1729 in Flanders. His financial problems generated some interesting records.

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