The Wanborough (Surrey) is an experiment in using the web to produce a hyper-linked history of Wanborough.  Wanborough is located near Guildford, in the County of Surrey, in England. The centre of the village or hamlet has :-

  • Church (12th cent.)
  • Village Hall
  • Great Barn (dating to 1388)
  • Wanborough Manor and
  • a small number of houses.

The parish of Wanborough spreads boths sides of the Hogs Back.

A topographical Description of Surrey 1837 by Thomas  Moule

“Wanborough 3.5 miles from Guildford contains 21 houses and 107 inhabitants.    The church is dedicated to St Bartholomew and is a curancy. “

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  1. Giles Colchester says:

    I am currently at work on a one name study of the Packard family (excluding those in the US. I noticed that you have a reference to an Elizabeth Packard http://spw-surrey.com/whp/?p=637 in the will of Judith SOWLE (-1769) on your website. At prsent I do not recognise this Elizabeth, but wondered as she is the sister of Judith Sowle, whether anyone knew what their maiden name was.
    Giles Colchester

  2. Giles Colchester says:

    After a little more research I see that Elizabeth Packard’s (see will of Judith Sowle) maiden name was in fact Hinde, and that she married a Pickard, hence I could not identify her. There is some information on http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=031-dblx&cid=-1#-1 which seems to confirm this.

  3. Elizabeth Lamb says:


    I am researching the Budd family of West Tisted, Hampshire.
    I am descended from John and Mary Budd. John died c. 1725 and left a will.

    There is another will for a John Budd of West Tisted, but in 1726. He had children Henry, Elizabeth (Bradley), John, William, Richard and Olive. His wife was Elizabeth and she survived him. A Chancery case ensued. His brother Henry Budd lived at Coalmer (sic).

    This family had links with the parishes of Priors Dean and Colmer.

    I am wondering if this family is somehow related to the Warnborough family.

    • batemanm says:

      Yes I am confident that the Wanborough BUDD family is descended from the Colmer BUDDs. I will you drop a email offline later this week.


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