Will of Edward VENN (1717-1780) Dated 1776

National Archives Reference – Aug 1780 419 PROB 11/1068

In the name of God Amen.

Edward VENN of Ipswich in the county of Suffolk Doctor of Physic being of sound and disposing mind and understanding here by revoking all former Wills by me made do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following (that is to say)

First I give and devise all that my messuage or tenement and Farm with the lands hereindiaments and appurtenances whatsoever belonging situate lying and being in Hursperpoint [Hurstpierpoint] or adjacent parish or place in the county of Sussex and now in the ten-year or occupation of Joseph COULSTOCK my under-tenants or assigns unto and to the use of Mary VENN my beloved wife and her assigns for and during the term of her natural life and from and after her decease unto and to the use of Edward VENN my son his heirs and assigns for ever and I hereby declare that the a foresaid devise to my said son and also a joint appointment may to this day by me and my said Wife of a certain freehold messuage or tenement lands and hereindiaments situate and being Earl Stonham in the said county of Suffolk a copy hold messuage and lands occupied by with the said last mentioned messuage and premises being also given and limited or intended to be given and limited in by my Wife’s Will to him my said Son) is and are to be considered and taken together with the sum of 500 pounds which he received at his entry into business as and for his full provision and advancement 450 pounds of the said sum of 500 pounds being part of the purchase money which arose by sales of an estate at Elmstead in the county of Essex directed to be sold by my late Mother’s Will and was received by me in virtue and satisfaction of the covenant of my said Mother contained in the indenture of settlement made on my Marriage for leaving a child’s share of her estate and effect to be settled as is mentioned in the aforesaid indenture and which said sum of 450 pounds was so received by my said Son as aforesaid or paid to or for his benefit with the consent ad approbation of my said wife.

Also I give and devise unto the said Mary my wife All that my messuage or tenement with the yards, gardens, hereindiaments and appurtenances there unto belong situate and being the Parish of St Mary at the Tower, Ipswich aforesaid and now in my own occupation.300 pounds trust Mary mentioned in my said Marriage Settlement been laid in and towards the purchase thereof.

And also all those messuage, tenement, cottages, hereindiaments and appurtenances same belonging situate and being the said Parish of St Mary at the Tower and now in the several tenure or occupations of James PILKINGTON and John ROOD [and their] assigns To hold all and singular the said messuage, tenement, cottages and premises unto and to the use of my said wife and her Assigns for and during the term of her natural life from and after her decease I give and devise the messuage, tenement, hereindiaments and premises in my own occupation and in the several occupations of the said James PILKINGTON [and John ROOD] or their Assigns unto to the use of [Mary] VENN my daughter her heirs and Assigns for ever.

I give and bequeath to my said wife during the term of her natural Life the use and enjoyment of all my plate linen china household Goods and furniture of all sorts and after her decease I give and bequeath all and every the same plate linen China Household Goods and Furniture to my said daughter Mary VENN to and for her own use and absolute disposal.

Also I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my personal estate and effects of every sort after payments of my just debts [?] and probate charges and except such parts thereof that are hereinafore bequeath specifically to my said daughter after her mother’s death, unto my said Wife to and for her own use and benefit.

And [daistly?] continue and appoint the said Mary my Wife sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament [On Witness?] whereof and to the first sheet of this my last Will and Testament [???] two sheets of paper set my hand to the second sheet thereof my hand and seal this tenth day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and seventy six.

Edward VENN. Signed sealed and published and declared by the said testator Edward VENN as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. Lott KNIGHT Elizabeth [???] Wm MILNEY

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