The Story of Ship Catchpole of Ipswich

This is the story of ship call the “CATCHPOLE” or “CATCHPOOLE” of Ipswich (Suffolk, England) .  The ship build around 1713 had an initially uneventful life trading Coal between Newcastle upon Tyne and London and Norway.

It was on of these voyages to Norway that the ship was seized by a Swedish Privateer and taken into Gottenburgh or Gottenburg in Sweden.

The related Court Cases were pursued through the Court of Exchequer, High of Admiralty, Kings Bench and Chancery.

Court of Exchequer

High Court of Admiralty


  • C 12/1766/63 Clements v Bateman. Answer of Nathaniel Bateman.  Includes a transcript of the Nathaniel Bateman’s Accounts given to the Chancery Court . Photographs of this document can be found here. [18th February 1719]
  • C11/252/32 Clements v Bateman (transcript in progress) [12th June 1719]
  • C11/252/23 Clements v Grove Bill and Answer. [Answer May 1719]

A transcript of the Probate Inventory of Nathaniel Bateman (1728) can be found in PROB 3/27/228.


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