Harwich & Dovercourt Newsman 9th March 1907


“Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Salter wish to express their sincere Thanks to      all those kind Friends who sent such beautiful wreaths, and for such      sympathy shown in their sad and sudden bereavement in the loss of their      dear Son, Ernest Edward, through the disaster to s.s. Berlin at the Hook      of Holland.

He only sleepeth.


On Feb. 21st through the wrecking of the G.E.R. s.s. Berlin, Ernest      Edward, second steward, the beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. J Salter, in his      32nd year. Interred in Harwich Cemetery, Dovercourt, March 1st.

Harwich & Dovercourt Newsman 26th February 1916

In memory of Ernest Edward SALTER. Age 32 years.