PROB 3/27/228

National Archives File PROB 3/27/228

Nathaniel Bateman 23rd December 1728

A true and perfect inventory of all singular the goods Chattels and Profits? Of Mr Nathaniel BATEMAN late of the parish of St Lawrence Poultry London, Gent. Deceased which since his death have come into the hands possession or knowledge of Deborah DASH now wife of Mr Joseph DASH the administrator of the said deceased.

At the Deceased’ Chambers in the Temple

Inprimis One oval table, a chimney Glass, two Sconces, one stool of furniture and bellows, three pictures, a pair of slops and three window rods.

Goods at Mr Dupuly TWINAYS in Thames Street

Item One bedstead with worked furniture complete , two pairs of shipped Camblet Windows Curtains, five feather bed and bolsters and ten pillows, nine small pillows, seven blankets, one quilt, a comtorpane, one Walnut bureau, a dressing glass, one jappaud Chest of Drawers, a Mahogany table, two ? tables, one wainscot chest of drawers, one looking glass, four doule, ditto a choserstool and pan, a Walnut chest of drawers, and dressing boxes, one oval table, a box, ditto a cedar box, fourt matted chairs, one stove and furniture and bellows, a piece of tapestry, one large picture and twelve small ditto, four chests, two elbows to a bed, threes of tapestry, a wainscot chest of drawers, a bureau, two cupboards, a table, a stool, two stows for clothes, one lloking glass, one easy chair and cushion, ? cane chairs, a napkin, ? two matted chairs, two wood, ditto, a plate drainerright ? cane chairsand two cushions … chest, a Remnant of green cloth, a walnut tree table and glass, a brass health, stove and tongs dogs and Iron back a brass handled brush, one stove shovel tongs and poker.

Item Twelve cane chairs, six ? ? a brass tea kettle, lamp and …a piece of tapestry, one oval table one wainscot Chest of drawers … China cups, a tea …

A corner cupboard, ten pieces of Chinaware two pairs of fine Holland sheets and ten pairs of ? ditto eight pairs of large pillowbeersic. Pairs of small pillowbeers and ? and one pair of blue window curtains and Valance,  one fine Damask table cloth and six napkins, one fine draper table cloth and twelve napkins, one side board, ditto, sixteen coarse table cloths, sixteen napkins, twenty two  breakfast clothes, thirty two coarse towels, threes of Callow Window Curtains, eight pairs of white window curtains, a toylight two white counterpaial, one Callicoe Counterpain and one Child bed linen.

Kitchen Furniture &c

Item one Range and fonder, two shovels and tongs and poker, two ? a toaster and spit rack, a gridiron, a pot iron or choppe, a box iron and ?, four stands,a Husfrey, a pig iron, two plate warmers, a cover , four iron skewers, two chatting dishes, four spils, one jack complete, one fish kettle plate and cover, two boylers and covers, two stew pans, four sauce pans, a Ball Nestle Mortar and Iron Pestle, a brass kettle. A grater, a pepper box, five brass candlesticks, a tinderbox, snuffer and fland, five sevealls, a brass disk Ring, two ladles, a ?. four dozen and seven? Plates, a bed pan, a colander, Mazareens, two salvers, two salvers, two frying pans, an iron pot, pewter sauce pan and tin and earthen ware.

Item. The ? linen and wearing apparel books and arms?

Item Old sterling plate thirty two ounces and  [at] five shillings and two per ounce,  £8 5s 4d.

Item. New Ditto seventy nine ounces at five shillings and two per ounce, £21 4s 0d.

Item. A pair of silver buckets. £0 5s 0d.

Item. A Rose Diamond Ring with ?  £14 0s 0d.

Item. Mourning Ring with a Rose Diamond. £1 15s 0d.

Item. One Gold Watch. £12 0s 0d.

Item. This exhibitant declares that the deceased was at the time of his death entitled ? to the several parts of shipping hereinafter mentioned.

To 32nd part of the ship Robert PERRY Master valued at £20.

To 32nd part of the ship “John and Benjamin” Benjamin HAMMOND Master at £20.

To 1/8th part of the ship “Nathaniel” William WESTTHORP Master valued at £18.

To the 16th part of the ship “John and Sarah” John SCOTT Master valued at £12.

To the 16th part of the ship “James and Katherine” John WARD Master valued at £15.

To 16th part of the ship “Dispatch” Robert WESTHORP Master valued at £7.

To the 8th part of the ship “Skinner” Isaac CARNABY Master valued at £16.

To the 16th part part of the ship “Bcony” Jos SCOTT Master valued at £4.

To 3 16th parts of the ship “Thomas and Mary” John ? Junior Master valued at £7 10s.

Item This exhobitant declares that the said deceased had at the time of his death five shares in the London Insurance Company which  are worth thirteen pounds a share. £65.

Item. Received of Mr Thomas BASALT by bond £400.

Item. Received for ? £24.

Item. Due from Mr Ralph SHARWOOD £20.

Plat by Bond.

Item. Interest due upon the same £2 16s 11d .

Item Due from William WESTHORPE and his interest  £90.

Item Ready Money in the house at the time of deceased death. £21.

Item. Arrears of rent due from the deceased estate at Ipswich and Rayden in Suffolk. £13.

Item Received of Mr MASH being a debt due to the deceased  £3 3s.

Item. Due from Deputy BRIDGSON £60.

Item. This exhibitant declares that there accounts ? between the deceased and Mr SKINDALL and Mr HAMMOMD but what the several balances are they cannot at present set forth but will be answerable for that they shall receive.

Item. This exhibant declares that the said deceased was entitled to one eighth part of the estate of her Father the deceased Anthony TOURNAY by virtue of his Last Will and Testament of which she hath since her said husband’s death received the sum of one thousand eight hundred and fifty pounds and declares she cannot at present set forth what the remaining part will amount to but she will be answerable for what the shall further received of it.

Item. This exhibitant declares that no other goods chattels or credits of the said deceased have since his death come to her hands possession or knowledge.

December 23rd 1728.

Deborah DASH.

? [in latin]

Coram HIL



? [in Latin]