Potash Farm

In 1841 Potash Farm was owned by Alfred BOND and occupied by Thomas BRADBROOK according to tithe records. The farm at this time extended to 83 acres. However the 1841 census shows William ALDERTON age 50 as well as Thomas BRADBROOK as farmer.

In 1861 Robert and wife Marian PHILPOT are shown as farmer of 130 acres employing 8 men and one boy.

In 1871 Robert’s wife is Mary [sic?] born 1840 Helmingham, and the farm is 142 acres employing 6 men and 12 boys, nephews Robert (born 1852 Kelsale) and Henry (born 1854 Bramfield) PHILPOT are in residence.

By 1881 the farm was occupied by brothers Robert and Francis PHILPOT and sister Susan BALLS together with nephew N R PHILPOT and niece Clary Pinkney.

In 1891 Potash Farm was occupied by William (age 60 born Hindlesham Suffolk) and Eliza BUTCHER (age 50 born Creeting Suffolk). John PAYNE was farm bailiff.