Freston, Suffolk – A Collection of Local History Sources

Freston is a small village 4 miles South East of Ipswich, Suffolk. It is bordered on the north eastern side by the River Orwell and on the other sides by the parishes of Wherstead, Holbrook and Woolverstone.

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British Library Holdings for Freston

The British Library are known to hold two publications which relate to Freston. The first is a fictional work, by a author more famous for his autobiography of Margaret Catchpole.

Further details are available from the British Library’s On-line Catalogue BLPC.

Author: COBBOLD Richard Title: Freston Tower; or, the Early days of Cardinal Wolsey. [A novel. With plates.]  Publisher: 3 vol. Henry Colburn: London, 1850. 12o. 

Author: FRESTON Parish Church Title: Freston Parish Magazine, 1886(-1908). Life in a Suffolk Village. Edited by C. R. Durrant.  Publisher: [Freston,] 1886-1908. 8o. Index of Parish Magazine Names 1886 – 1887

British Library – Manuscripts Reading Room
Manuscripts covered by the Search our Catalogue, Archives and Manuscripts
Selected items:-

  • Add.Ch. 63195 Freston . co. Suff. Deed rel. to 1328.
  • Add Ch. 9644 Walter Adgor, of Freston: Will: 1371
  • Add Ch. 9719 John Adgor, of Freston: Will: 1452.: Lat.
  • Add.Ch. 14997 Add.Ch. 14998 Freston . co. Suffolk. Grant and quitclaim of lands in 1421, 1430.
  • Add.Ch. 9754 Freston Manor . co. Suffolk. Court roll 1526.
  • Add 21057 Maps and Plans of Estates in Suffolk
  • Item C : Estate of George BURLEIGH, Gent., Lying in Freston and Woolverstone now occupied by Henry FAIRBROTHER 1723.
  • Item M : A plan of the buildings upon the farm in the occupation of Mr William JACOBS, Freston, the property of Sir Gilbert EAST, 1823.
  • Stowe Ch 382 Acquittance from Bailiffs, Burgesses of Ipswich,Suffolk, to William GODDINGE, executor, William Thomas GOODINGE 10/4/1595.
  • 22248 Letter to Wm HARVEY, Freston Hall 1719?.

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem

  • Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem Vol XVIII p1987 1399-1405 Item 303 29/12/1399 Freston and Holbrook Held by Alice Holbrook
  • Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem Vol XX 1413-1418 Item 21/10/1415 Hoxne Freston 1 Fee Formerly of John Fastolf. Freston Edmund Stafford, Bishop of Exeter and Ralph Nevill Earl of Westmoreland.

Clergy of the Church of England database (CCEd) 

Derbyshire Record Office 

  • D231M/M82 Manor of Freston, Suffolk: court of Thomas Pettus: admittance of Miles Peers to five acres of land in Freston which Elizabeth wife of Ellazar Donkin and Anna her sister had held after the death of their father Ralph Seaman 7 Mar Date: 1601/1602

Essex Record Office – Freston References

  • D/DHw/T100 1748-1868 Includes 1794 copy of will of John FAYERBROTHER of Chelmondiston, Suffolk, yeoman, devising estate in Little Clacton and Freston, Suffolk, part of the ship called Good Success, 1747.
  • D/DRg/1/50 1361 Instituion of John GARNEYS to vicarage of Freston Suffolk vacant by resignation of Robt. MONE.
  • D/DU 901/1 1882-1929 Papers of Major-General H.G. Ruggles-Brise including dedication of memorial at Freston, 3/7/1921.

Fire Insurance Records 1775-1787
Royal Exchange Fire Policies (Published on microfiche by Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC) 1986.

Freston Suffolk

  • MASON, John (Proprietor) Ref 90099/1 MS 7253/9 85702

Sun Fire Office (Published on microfiche by ESRC)

Freston Suffolk

  • JACOBS William (Farmer) Ref 455640 MS 11936/299
  • MARLOW Michael The Revd Ref 402271 MS 11936/267

Editorial Notes

  • A John MASON was buried at Freston on 30/05/1805 age 81. He was Parish Clerk.�� Possibly JOHN MASON – International Genealogical Index�� Christening: 20 OCT 1723 Woolverstone, Suffolk, England. Possible son JOHN MASON – International Genealogical Index Gender: Male Christening: 13 MAY 1749 Freston, , Suffolk, England

  • William JACOB[S] married Sarah FROST at Freston on 18/11/1780.�� Three William JACOBS are buried at Freston 1781 – 1787 possibly their children, a daughter Sarah (baptised 18/02/1784) survived and married John WORCESTER at Freston 07/05/1808.�� Sarah (Wife of William) was buried at Freston 20/12/1825 age 67 and William was buried at Freston 27/01/1835 age 79.

  • MARLOW Michael The Revd – Will proved 1795

National Register of Archives

Items listed in the National Register of Archives.


  • 1. VICAR OF FRESTON, SUFFOLK 1816-55: commonplace book Lambeth Palace Library London SE1 7JU Reference: MS 2167
  • 2. 1801-29: correspondence Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Department of Western Manuscripts Broad Street Oxford OX1 3BG  Reference: MS Eng lett b 5

National Archives

  • ADM 139/711/12 Ansell, John Robert Place of Birth: Freston 1849
  • ADM 188/289/349  Whissell, Samuel Jess 1893
  • C 143/147/16      Nicholas Bonde to grant to the prior and convent of St. Peter, Ipswich, land in Ipswich, Wherstead, Belstead, Thurleston, and Hintlesham, retaining a messuage and land in Freston. Suffolk Thomas de la Rente of Ipswich to grant to the same land in Wherstead, retaining a messuage and land in Wenham.             14 EDWARD II.
  • C 1/27/90             Ralph Swyft and John Doneld, administrators of John Wederisfeld, late vicar of Freston. v. Walter Boll, priest, feoffee of the said John.: Messuage and land in Freston: [Suffolk ?].        1386-1486
  • C 1/146/50          William Latymer, executor of William Arnold. v. John Arnold: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Freston.: Suffolk.               1486-1529
  • C 1/557/11          Roger Pysshe, priest, son and heir of William Pysshe. v. John Pynchebek, clerk.: Detention of deeds relating to land in Freston.: [Suffolk].
  • C 1/1432/21-23  Thomas GOODINGE of Ipswich, merchant, v. Christopher LATYMER, esquire.: Conveyance of the manor of Freston.: SUFFOLK.
  • C 2/Eliz/G10/39 Goodinge v Bacon.Plaintiffs: Thomas Goodinge.Defendants: Sir Nicholas Bacon kt, Richard Gooche, and Robert Kett. Subject: To establish certain rights appertaining to. The manor of Freston, Suffolk, the inheritance of plaintiff who claims in respect thereof a way through a wood called Assendowne, to a wood called Freston Wood.Document type: [Pleadings] Date: Between 1558 and 1603.
  • C 3/153/26  Rosse v Gardyner. Plaintiffs: Edward Rosse Defendants: Thomas Gardyner. Subject: property in Freston, Suffolk. 1558-1579.
  • C 3/241/46 Headd v Mayhewe. Plaintiffs: William Headd.Defendants: Peter Mayhewe alias Peter Mayhoe and others. Subject: property in Freston, Suffolk.Document type: bill only. Date: 1592.
  • C 3/436/35 Burlz v Coppinger. Plaintiffs: Thomas Burlz. Defendants: Thomas Coppinger and another. Subject: property in Freston, Woolverstone, Wherstead, Holbrook etc, Suffolk. Document type: [pleadings]. Note: Mutilated Date: 1642-1660.
  • C 3/454/87  Short title: Mott v Dove. Plaintiffs: Mark Mott. Defendants: Robert Dove. Subject: lands etc (not specified). Document type: answer only. Date: 1654
  • C 3/472/20 Short title: Gooding v Malbie. Plaintiffs: […] Gooding. Defendants: John Malbie. Subject: debt and rectory of Freston, Suffolk. Document type: bill. Note: Mutilated. Date: 1587-1591
  • C 6/382/76 Blyth v Hawke.Plaintiffs: Robert Blyth gent, of St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex.Defendants: John Smith yeoman, of Stutton, Suffolk, Edward Hawke, Richard Frost, Samuel Daldie, Francis Coleman, Charles Wright the younger and Jonathan Rosier the elder.Subject: The plaintiff’s account for legal services and expenses as a commissioner in a bankruptcy, the defendants being creditors and Clement Gardiner, of Freston, Suffolk, bankrupt. Document type: bill, answer. Date: 1707.
  • C 7/173/57 Hubbard v Armiger. Plaintiffs: John Hubbard and Hanna Hubbard his wife. Defendants: Humphry Armiger and others. Place or subject: property in Freston, Suffolk. Document type: bill and answer. Date: 1647.
  • C 7/112/56  Ellinger v Armiger. Plaintiffs: William Ellinger alias William Baker. Defendants: Humphry Armiger. Place or subject: property in Freston, Suffolk. Document type: bill and answer Date: 1650.
  • C 7/418/45 Dove v Mott. Plaintiffs: Robert Dove and Edward Clarke. Defendants: Mark Mott. Place or subject: property in Freston, Holbrook etc, Suffolk. Document type: bill and answer Date: 1655.
  • C 8/154/18 Coppinger v Burles.  Defendants: Thomas Burles and Margaret Burles his wife. Subject: property in Freston manor, Suffolk. Document type: bill and answer Date: 1664.
  • C 8/608/11  Rose v Coleman. Plaintiffs: John Rose. Defendants: Edmund Coleman. Subject: property in Freston, Suffolk. Document type: two bills and two answers Date: 1703
  • C 8/619/9 Rose v Coleman. Plaintiffs: John Rose. Defendants: Edmund Coleman.Subject: property in Freston, Suffolk. Document type: bill only. Date: 1706
  • C 8/624/70 Catchpoole v Coleman. Plaintiffs: John Catchpoole, Rose Catchpoole, John Catchpoole, Mary Catchpoole, Daniel Catchpoole and Henry Catchpoole. Defendants: Edmund Coleman. Subject: property in Freston, Holbrook etc, Suffolk. Document type: bill only Date: 1708.
  • C 10/20/84 Mott v Dove. Plaintiffs: Mark Mott. Defendants: Robert Dove. Subject: property in Freston, Holbrook, Tattingstone etc, Suffolk. Document type: bill and demurrer. Date: 1653.
  • C 10/51/121 Mott v Dove. Plaintiffs: Mark Mott. Defendants: Robert Dove. Subject: marriage contract, [Suffolk]. Document type: answer only Date: 1659.
  • C 10/502/220 Watts v Ricant.Plaintiffs: Peter Watts and George Osborne.Defendants: Sir Paul Ricant kt, George Roberts and Elizabeth Roberts his wife.Subject: property in Hazelwood, Freston and Aldeburgh, Suffolk.Document type: bill only Date: 1694.
  • C 22/231/58  Burles v Coppinger. Note: 2 commissions. Date: 1660.
  • E 40/3424 Grant by Nicholas Bonde, of Frestone, to Sir Henry, the prior, and the convent of St. Peter’s, Ipswich for 20L., of two tofts and lands in Ipswich Wherstede, Belstede, Thurlestone, and Hyntlesham. (Suff.)  10 December, 14 Edward II.
  • E 40/3591             Grant by John de Berefeld, rector of Freston, to John de Lakinghethe son Deneys, Sir John Hamund, rector of Cloptone, Sir Everard Lete, of Ipswich, chaplain, John dil Medwe, of Cretingham, and John Frost, of Thurliston, of all his lands and tenements in Thurliston, Whitton, and Akenham, which he has lately acquired from Philip Justus, Thomas Lausele, and William Smyth.  Sunday after St. Nicholas the Bishop,           37 Edward III
  • E 40/3599             Demise by Roger de Godelesford, to Nicholas Bonde, of Freston, and Thomas de Rougham of all the lands in Bestede, Wherstede, and Bentleye which he had by demise of Avice, late the wife of William Dounyng, who had them by demise of the abbess of Canounleye and Sir William de Deen, of the inheritance of John, William Dounyng’s son, from the Nativity of the Virgin Mary till hte heir is of age, paying 6s.    6 September, 9 Edward II
  • E 40/3615             Grant by Thomas dil Ston son of Seman Clement, of Ipswich, to Nicholas Bonde, of Frestone, and Thomas de Routham, of a messuage with curtilage in St. Peter’s parish, Ipswich, abutting on the road from Portbregge tot he corn market. Witnesses:- John Harneys, William Malyn, bailiffs of Ipswich, and others (named).  Sunday the feast of Holy Trinity,                 16 Edward II
  • E 40/3720             Grant by Thomas de Westerfeld, to Nicholas Bonde, of Frestone, of a piece of land in Thurlestone, between lands of the prior of St. Peter’s, Ipswich.  Wednesday th Octave of the Purification,      16 Edward II
  • E 40/3785             Demise by Nicholas Bonde, of Freston, and Thomas de Rougham, to Thomas Ordiner and Matilda his wife, of a messuage and tenements in Thurleston, for their lives, paying 21d. yearly, four days work in autumn for food thrice a day, and a cock and three hens at Christmas.  Monday the feast of St. Gregory,                 12 Edward II
  • E 40/3940             Release by Nicholas Bonde of Freston, to Sir Henry, the prior, and the canons of St. Peter’s, Ipswich, of all his right in all the lands 7c. held by them in Wherstede, Belstede, Thurleston, Hyntlesham and Ipswich: [Suff.]  20 January, 14 Edward [II].
  • E 40/13323/1 Copy on paper of the will, 21 May, 1541, of Edward Latymer, of Freston, Suffolk, esquire; to be buried by wife in chancel of Freston to high altar 6s. 8d., to repair of church 20s., the poor to be honestly relieved on the day of his funeral; manors, etc. of Wosted, Wolverston, Holbroke, Stuttun, Tatistun, to sons Christopher, Fraunces and Richard, successively in tail, with remainder in default to right heirs; all goods to son Christopher, he to stand bound to executors in 1,500l. to pay debts and portions to children, viz. to ‘dowter Cysly,’ 40l. within twelve months, to son Fraunces 40l. at twenty-four, to son Richard 100 marks at twenty-one, to daughters Mari, Margett and Justyn 40l. apiece at 21, etc.; if Christopher decline, executors to sell purchased lands, free and copy, in Freston, Whested and Wolverston, and goods, for performance of will, and if this suffice not, they shall take the issues of the manor of Alton for twelve years, etc.; executors, ‘my brother parson Sir William Latimer, Mr. George Stratum, esquier, and Mr. Warner, viker of Wested,’ Mr. John Gosnold, supervisor, 40s. each. Witnesses: ‘Mr. Nicholas Bohune, esquier, Sr Henry Aleyn, parson,’ and others (named). Suffolk. Endorsed: The laste will of my brother Ed. Latymer. Date: 1541 May 21
  • E126/6 Page 107r 12th June 1652 Samuel ALDUS v ?, Nicholas  – Transcript.
  • E 134/1655-56/Hil4           Samuel Aldus, clerk v. Nicholas Sicklemore: Rectory or parsonage of Freston, in the county of Suffolk. Tithes.: Suffolk    1655-56
  • E 315/509/fo19 Inventories of Church Goods in the county of Suffolk, consisting of the Commission of 16 May 6 Edward VI.
  • E 315/510/fo 65. Certificates of Sales of Church Goods for the county of Suffolk.
  • C 241/108/52 Debtor: John, the son of John de Freston of Suffolk [held fee in Freston] 1336 Apr 4
  • C 241/111/306 Debtor: John de Freston [held fee in Freston, Samford Hundred, Suffolk] 1339 Oct 10
  • C 241/230/80 Debtor: William Lawney of Freston in Suffolk [Samford Hundred] 17/12/1429
  • C 241/139/77 Debtor: John, the son of Nicholas Shirlok of Freston [Samford Hundred] 1359 Apr 25
  • ED 21/16388 Freston Church of England School 1871-1910
  • ED 21/40020 Freston Church of England School 1921-1930
  • FM 1/981 Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from Freston Tower, Freston Park, Ipswich, Suffolk 2003
  • IR 26/392/276  Abstract of Will of Thomas Sage, Farmer of Freston, Suffolk 1801.
  • MAF 11/158 Exchanges of Land between A BOND, SIR P BROOKE, W RODWELL 1858-1872.
  • MAF 9/280 Bonds in Freston (Items 2125/12346) 1860, 1876.
  • MAF 14/29 Exchange of Land between Rev C R DURRANT and L G DALRYMPLE 8/9/1880.
  • MAF 20/21/335 Bonds in Freston, Suffolk Date: [1840-1900]
  • OS 26/9839 Suffolk: Freston. Boundary remark book containing strip maps showing boundaries  1879
  • OS 27/5005 Ordnance Survey: Boundaries Branch: Boundary Sketch Maps 1879
  • OS 29/239 No 95 Journal of Inspection Freston (Part1)
  • OS 35/6772 Ordnance Survey: Directorate of Field Survey: 25-Inch Scale Object Name Books.1924
  • OS 35/6770 Ordnance Survey: Directorate of Field Survey: 25-Inch Scale Object Name Books. 1924

Norfolk Record Office
Documents held at Norfolk Record Office (see

  • DN/ADR 9/9 1888 Correspondence re new Freston (Suffolk) rectory
  • DN/GLE 16/116 Glebe Exchanges (Transferred to Suffolk R.O)
  • DN/INV 2/45 Probate Inventories Gowre, John, Freston, S. 1584.
  • DN/INV 8/152 Probate Inventories Partryche, John, Freston, S. 1591
  • DN/INV 10/79 Probate Inventories Daye, William, Freston, S. 1593
  • DN/INV 11/26 Probate Inventories Patrick, Thomas, Freston, S.1594
  • DN/INV 81C/60 Probate Inventories Whelham, Richard, Freston, S., yeoman 1747

House of Lords: Journal Office: Main Papers 1509-1700
Ref. HL/PO/JO/10/1/259 – date: 18 Apr 1648 – 29 Apr 1648 – 24 April 1648 — Certificate of the Assembly of Divines that Samuel Aldus has been approved for the rectory of Freston, Suffolk. Lords Journals, X. 224.

Soldiers Records
PRO WO97 Soldiers Documents held by the National Archives.

Surname, Given Name, Place of Birth, Enlisted, Discharged, age, regiment, WO97 or WO119 reference

  • ATKINS, James, Freston Suffolk, 1804, 1819, 32, D7, 14
  • CATCHPOLE, John, Freston Suffolk,
  • COULSON, William, Freston Suffolk, 1804, 1816, 32, RAD, 1221
  • MARKHAM, WILLIAM . Born FRESTON, Suffolk. Served in 43rd Foot Regiment WO 119/59/21


Index of Freston Census Returns 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891
[Other years i.e. those above without links to follow]

1901 Freston Quick Search for single name

Freston References in The Times, Newspaper, London
The Times – 12th June 1912 Page 17

FRESTON LODGE, IPSWICH Messrs. Garrod, Turner and Son in conjunction with Messrs Knight, Frank and Rutley, offered this property at Ipswich yesterday. The estate extends to 541 acres, and every lot was sold, the total being over 13,840.

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