Freston Wills

Wills relating to Freston and families connected to Freston – A very incomplete list – but a start.

Wills – VENN

Edward VENN 1780 Suffolk Doctor of Physic Aug 419 (National Archives of the UK Reference PROB 11/1068)

Edward Beaumont VENN 1857 Suffolk Ref 254 (The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/2249)

Charles BEAUMONT 1757 (National Archives of the UK Reference PROB 11/825)

William BEAUMONT 30 August 1709 (National Archives of the UK Reference PROB 11/510 )

Mary BEAUMONT (wife of William) 17?? (National Archives of the UK ReferencePROB 11/562 Item 29 )

Mary BEAUMONT (daughter of William/Mary) 27 August 1733 (National Archives of the UK Reference PROB 11/660)

Ipswich branch Suffolk County Record Office

 – R147/461 WILL : Gerald Noel VENN Of Ipswich, Esquire Benefit : Wife Emma Garrod VENN Gent John William ROUSE, Ipswich Reference To Daughters/sons Witness : S H BARTLETT MD Ipswich J W ROUSE Solicitor, Ipswich Died : 17/11/1877 Proved : 8/12/1877

Gerard Noel VENN 8 December 1877. The Will of Gerard Noel VENN late of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk Esquire who died 17 November 1877 at Ipswich was proved at Ipswich by Emma Garrod VENN Widow the Relict (during Widowhood) and John William ROUSE Gentleman both Ipswich the Executors. Effects under £5,000.

Margaetta Elfrida HAHN 9 April 1891 The Will of Margaretta Elfridd Hahn (Wife of John Mellish Kay HAHN, Esquire) late of Chelmondiston near Ipswich in the County of Suffolk who died 30 January 1891 at Chelmondiston was proved at th Principal Registry by the said John Mellish Kay HAHN of Chelmondiston. Frances Ashton MIDDLETON of Freston near Ipswich Spinster the Niece and the Reverend Henry Beaumont BRYAN of Lingfield in the County of Surrey Clerk the Nephew the Executors. Personal Estate £11,043 8s 10d.

Frances Ashton MIDDLETON 1874 of Freston Lodge Near Ipswich died 21 December 1873 to Frances Ashton MIDDLETON of Freston Lodge spinster and daughter.

Frances Ashton MIDDLETON 1895 of Freston Lodge Near Ipswich Spinster Died 25/9/1895 Probate London 10/12/1895 to Rev Beaumont BRYAN Clerk, Rev Edward Venn Eustace BRYAN, Clerk, Effects £10,088.

Margaret Eliza GAMBIER granddaughter of Mary VENN (1720-1791).(The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/2116)

Edmunda Gambier VENN of Freston Lodge, of Freston Lodge, Freston, Suffolk, spinster died 14 August 1911 Probate London 3 October to the reverend Henry Beaumont BRYAN clerk and the reverend Edward Venn Eustace BRYAN clerk and Charlotte Emily Templeton spinster. Effects £13,718 2s 1d.

The Times, 6th October 1911 – “Miss Edmunda Gambier VENN of Freston Lodge, Freston, Suffolk, who died on August 14, leaving estate of the gross value of £13,718, with net personalty £12,626, bequeathed the residue of her estate to her new, Henry Beaumont BRYAN with the earnest request and in full confidence (but without imposing any legal obligation) that he will distribute among such charitable institutions in which she was interested and in the habit of subscribing to in hertime.”

Emma Garrod VENN of Ipswich widow died 21 November 1911. Probate Ipswich 15 December to George Jacob solicitor’s clerk. Effects £135 10s 7d. A copy is also held at the Ipswich branch Suffolk County Record Office, reference – IC/AA2/181 P283.

Wills – Bond

1839 Ipswich branch Suffolk County Record Office – IC/AA1/261/77 and IC/AA2/122/112 1/10/1839 CODICAL 1/1/1841 WILL : John Theodore BOND Of Freston, Clerk, Rector Exec : Rev Thomas MANN Of City Of Norwich, Clerk John BERNERS Of Holbrook Esquire Oxley PARKER Of Woodham Mortimer, Essex, Esquire William SPOONER, Temple City Of London, Esquire Hunter RODWELL, Temple City Of London, Esquire Benefit : Advison, Donation, Right Of Patronage, Presentation And Appurtenances To Rev George CAPPER Of Wherstead. Brother Alfred BOND Mother Emily BOND Sisters Maltida, Juliet, Harriet, Agnes And Laura BOND. Codicil: Benefit Henry MORLEY £25 (if Still In His Service) Servant Sworn : 1/10/1839 Proved : 29/10/1841

1879 Alfred George BOND, Late of Freston, Suffolk, ESQ, Lieutenant in Her Majesty’s 27th Regiment. Died 13/3/1879 at 50 Kings Road, Brighton, Sussex, and Proved at Principal Probate Registry by Charles BOND of Freston, Brother and Sole Executor. Personal Estate Under £12k

17/12/1878 Admin Georgina Eliza BOND (Wife Alfred BOND Clerk) late of Freston, Died at Freston 23rd November 1858, and proved at Principal Probate Registry to the said Alfred BOND.

Wills – Berners

Robert RAWORTH , The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/496 SIG 213 1707 SEP LND

William BERNERS , The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/527 SIG 128 1712 JUL HRT

Henry RAWORTH , The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/576 SIG 220 1720 OCT MDX

Robert BERNERS, The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – 1723 JUL MDX ADMIN PROB 6/99 – F108

Mary BERNERS , The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/617 Sig 224 1727 Oct Hertfordshire

Josias BERNERS, The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/759 SIG 38 1748 FEB MDX

William Berners of Woolverstone Hall , Suffolk 25 September 1783 PROB 11/1107

Reverend Henry Denny Berners, The National Archives of the UK (TNA): PRO Reference – PROB 11/2147 25 February 1852

Charles Berners of Woolverstone Hall , Suffolk 27 May 1815 PROB 11/1568

Charles Berners of Woolverstone , Suffolk 23 December 1831 PROB 11/1792

Hugh Augustus BERNERS (Clergyman) Harkstead Ipswich branch Suffolk County Record Office IC/AA2/192 P276

Rev Ralph BERNERS, 4th March 1858, Effects under £4,000. Clerk of Erwarton, Suffolk died 31/1/1858 at Nice, Kingdom of Sardinia Proved at Ipswich by Hugh BERNERS of Landford Wilts, Brother and Executor, Esquire.

John BERNERS, 1st November. The Will and 3 codicils of John BERNERS late of Woolverstone Park, in the County of Suffolk, Esquire who died 31st August 1886 at Felixstow.

Julia Alice BERNERS of Woolverstone Park, Widow, 14/4/1892 Admin 20/5/1892 Charles Hugh BERNERS ESQ £2356.

Charles Hugh BERNERS of Woolverstone Park Ipswich . Died 15 January 1919 . Probate 12 April 1919 to John Ansthurther BERNERS Esq. and Geoffrey BARDARDISTON Land Agent. £214,045 5 s 10d. Resworn £219,480 19s 2d.

Major John Anstruthger BERNERS OBE JP of Woolverstone Park Suffolk, late 1st Dragoon Guards, who died on March 2, aged 64, left estate, including settled land, valued at 1,180,099, with net personalty 66,405. The Times 10th May 1934

Others Wills at the National Archives

Agnes Hobson, Widow of Freston, Suffolk 03 August 1560 PROB 11/43

Henrye Wynston, Husbandman of Freston, Suffolk 27 September 1538 PROB 11/26

William Davute, Gentleman of Freston, Suffolk 09 December 1540 PROB 11/28

Robert Gooding or Goodinge, Gentleman of Freston, Suffolk 10 February 1603 PROB 11/101

Thomas Gooding, Gentleman of Freston, Suffolk 13 November 1595 PROB 11/86

Christopher Stayward, Yeoman of Freston, Suffolk 26 June 1656 PROB 11/256

Ellin Homes, Widow of Freston, Suffolk 24 June 1659 PROB 11/293

Christopher Clifford of Freston, Suffolk 07 July 1653 PROB 11/232

Reverend Michael Marlow, Rector of Freston and Lackford, Suffolk 10 February 1795 PROB 11/1256

Martha Harris , Spinster of Freston , Suffolk 19 March 1817 PROB 11/1590

Other Wills at the IPSWICH Branch of Suffolk County Record Office

1675 IC/AA1/105/83 Original will of Richard Rose of Freston

1806 IC/AA2/111/13 and IC/AA1/226/12 WILL : Thomas SAGE Of Freston, Farmer Benefit : Nephew Joseph Johnson Farmer Of Foxhall Hall £20 To Married Children £30 To Unmarried Children Up On 21 Years Provision For Wife Dorothy & 2 Youngest Children Witness : Simon Lenns, Elizabeth Last, John Hall Sworn : 14/5/1810. Notes : A Joseph Johnson Of Foxall Married Mary Ralph Of Woolverstone By Licence In 1780 At Woolverstone.

1816 IC/AA2/114/169 and IC/AA1/236/86 Nathaniel SAGE, Freston, Suffolk

R130/205 WILL : Benjamin SAGE Of Freston, Suffolk, Farmer. Benefit : Sarah Sage Wife Witness : Robert Skeet Robert Lacey Of Ipswich, Suffolk, Gent Sworn : 28/8/1828 Died : 9/8/1859 Proved : 8/5/1860 By William Cornell (creditor) (Sarah Sage Renounced Rights). Notes: Possible Robert Lacey 1851 Age 63 Born Nfk Gimmingham Filo 0 448 With Sarah Wife ? Age 69 Born Holbrook.

1866 R136/439 WILL : Samuel DALE Of Woolverstone, Farm Bailiff To John Berners Of Woolverstone Park. Benefit : Hester Dale Wife William Cornell, Friend, Ipswich Brothers/sisters ; Robert Dale, William Dale, Abraham Dale, Ann Wife Of James Page, Elizabeth Wife Of David Bear. Niece ; Eliza Dale (living With Him) Half Sister Of Wife Elizabeth Wife Of James Deeks Witness : S B Jackerman (solictors) Richard Hudson Sworn : 31/7/1857 Died : 18/9/1866 Proved : 20/10/1866

R149/197 WILL : Rachel WHINNEY, Freston, Suffolk, Spinster Exec : Friend Hannah Mulliner, Ipswich Benefit : Nephew William Daniels Of Harkstead (horseman) Witness : W B Jackerman, Richard Hudson, Solictor Sworn : 28/11/1878 Died : 3/5/1879 At Freston Proved 13/5/1879

1889 R159/382 WILL: George GIBBS, Freston, Suffolk, Carpenter Benefit Ann Gibbs Wife Witness Robert Reed, Sawyer, Fanny Warden Sworn 13/5/1863 Died 13/10/1889 Proved 22/10/1889 By Ann Gibbs Widow

/370 WILL : Sarah Ann POOLEY, Harkstead, Suffolk benefit Nephew Henry Abbott, Harkstead Exec George Abbott 33 Worcester Road Manor Park, Essex Witness Horrace Bullen 25 Cumberland St Solicitor George Cocks 17 Wherstead Road Ipswich Died 25/6/1889 Proved 16/7/1889

1890 R160/178 William H AYLWARD (farmer) Capel /Freston, Suffolk

1897 R167/277 Clara THOMPSON Wherstead/Freston, Suffolk (Click here to see Clara listed as Schoolmistress on 1891 census) Clara was buried at Freston 05/05/1897.

1900 R170/212 Anthony Deane HICKS (cattle dealer) Freston, Suffolk (Click here to see Anthony listed 1891 census)

INVENTORIES at the IPSWICH Branch of Suffolk County Record Office

  • BECKET William FEI 1/91 1582-1584
  • CAREW John FEI 16/99
  • JOHNSON Robert FEI 16/79
  • KING Thomas FEI 10/83
  • LADBROOKE Luke FEI 8/151