East Anglian Daily Times 22 February 1907

East Anglian Daily Times 22 February 1907

The following is the official list of the officers and crew of the SS Berlin:-

J PRECIOUS, captain, Main Road, Dovercourt  married.

C MORSLEY, chief mate, Manor Road, Dovercourt married.

J WYATT, second mate, Gwinne Road, Dovercourt        married.

H DENNANT, 1st engineer, Station Road, Dovercourt, married.

R W KENDALL, 2nd engineer, Cliff Road, Dovercourt married.

W GREGORY, 3rd engineer, 35, Weddesdon Road, Dovercourt.

S ELLIS, carpenter, Maria Street, Harwich, married.

J HARVEY, A.B., Bathside, Harwich, married.

N RAYMENT, A.B., Golden Lion Lane, Harwich,        married.

A PELLS, A.B., Canon Street, Bathside, Harwich,        married.

T GOULD, A.B., Canon Street, Bathside, Harwich        married.

G EASTER, A.B., Wellington Road, Harwich  married.         H SAMKIN, A.B., Tyler Street, Harwich married.

A BRITTON, A.B., Victoria Terrace, Dovercourt.

T HARPER, O.S., Victoria Terrace, Dovercourt.

H FISHER,        O.S. 3, Adelaide Street, Parkeston   

J FARTHING, deck boy, Hamilton Street, Parkeston.

C GIBBONS, deck boy, Victoria Terrace, Dovercourt.

H CARLIELL, donkey man, West Street, Harwich, married. B CATCHPOLE,  fireman, Hordle Street, Dovercourt, married. (Link to Catchpole Information)

A WATERS, fireman, Myrtle Terrace, Bath Side,        Harwich.

G GILBERT, fireman, 4, Mill Lane, Dovercourt,        married.

D SMITH, fireman, 27, Victoria Street, Dovercourt, married.

A POND, fireman, Victoria Road, Harwich.

J ROUSE, fireman, Princes Street, Parkeston.

H GIBSON, fireman, Victoria Street Dovercourt.

J        RYECROFT, fireman, Canning Street, Bath Side, Harwich, married.

C SYRETT, fireman, Maria Street, Harwich, married.

A COPPIN, fireman, 20, Martin Road, Ipswich.

H GOSLING, fireman, Butler Terrace, Wrabness, married.

A HOWLETT, fireman, Hamilton House, Parkeston.

H ROBINSON, fireman, Mistley Heath,  Maningtree, married.

A CHAPMAN, fireman, Pepys Street, Harwich.

W MOOR, chief steward, Cliff Road, Dovercourt,        married and six children.

J KEDGLEY, second steward, Victoria Street, Dovercourt.

G BULLOCK, head saloon steward, Nelson Road,        Dovercourt, married and 5 children.

A E COOPER, second cabin steward, Gwinne Road, Dovercourt, married, and five children.

W CARTER, salon steward, Main Road, Dovercourt, married.

E SALTER, saloon steward, Maria Street, Harwich.

J KEEN, asssistant steward, Lee Road, Dovercourt.

A DURRANT, assistant steward, Vansittart  Street, Harwich.

F MEAD, assistant steward, Little Church Street,        Harwich.

W WILDING, pantry boy, Hamilton Street, Parkeston.         T BULMAN, cook, Nelson Road, Dovercourt.

PUTTOCK, cook’s assistant, Coke Street, Harwich.         MRS BULMAN, stewardess, widow, Nelson Road,        Dovercourt.

Miss BROWN, stewardess, Garland Road, Parkeston.         Miss MALLOWS, extra stewardess, Fernlea Road, Harwich.

Mrs ELLIS, second cabin stewardess, widow with three children, Hordle        Street, Dovercourt.

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Charles MILLS, Fourth Engineer not listed – also drowned.