Extract from National Archives File E133/19/2

E – Records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and the Court of Augmentations
Records of the King’s Remembrancer
E 133 – Exchequer: King’s Remembrancer: Barons’ Depositions
E 133/19/2 – Bateman v Grove


Nathaniel BATEMAN v Thomas GROVE

Interrogatories to be administered to witnesses to be produced sworn and examined before […] The Deputy of his Majesty’s [?] of this Court of Exchequer on the part and behalf of Thomas GROVE in certain causes deponding in the said Court between Nathaniel BATEMAN  plaintiff and the said Thomas GROVE Defendant the said Thomas GROVE Complainant and the said Nathaniel BATEMAN defendant.

[Item. Do you know the parties] Complainant and Defendant in the title of the Interrogatory named or either of them and which of them and how  […] them declare.

[Item. Do you know the] ship or vessel called the Catchpoole in question in this cause and of what burthen was the said ship or vessel. Did the [ … ] at any time and when as you know or have heard sail on any voyages to Norway. If yes when or about what time did […] last of the said Voyages and was the Master or Commander of the said ship at such her [?] Did the said ship after her return from the last of the said voyage lye bye in the River of Thames and for how long time? If yes who was the Master or Commander of the said Ship during all or any part of the time she lay bye or continued in the said River of Thames. And did such person who was Master or Commander of the said ship during such time continue on Board of and looks after and take care of the said ship. It is usual or customary for a Master or Commander of a ship lying in this river to be allowed wages but [?] where of such ship for such their looking after and taking care of such ship. If yes what is generally allowed per month for the same. And what wages or allowance do you think the Master or Commander of the said ship the Catchpoole did deserve for such his looking after and taking care of the said ship during the time she so lay in the River of Thames. Declare the same with the reason of your knowledge or belief therein.

Item. Are you acquainted with the method and custom of borrowing money upon Bottomree at Gottenburg in Sweden. If yes […] Or allowance per Captain is usually made or given at Gottenburg aforesaid on borrowing money on Bottomree on a ship bound from thence on a Voyage to London. Declare what you know have heard or do believe touching the matters aforesaid required of [?] interrogatory with the [?] of answer.

Item Do you know or are acquainted with the [?] of exchange between Christiania in Norway and London, Is it usual and customary in case a Person who borrows or takes up […] Christiana and draws a bill for [?] Sterling payable in London to give or allow any and what premium to the person who lends or advances the same in Christiana by way of difference on exchange or otherwise. If yes what was the premium or allowance usually made on that account on or about the month of August AD 1717. Declare what you Know have heard or believe touching the matters enquired of in this third interrogatory fully and at large with the reasons and circumstances of such knowledge and belief.

Item. Did the defendant Bateman at any time and when sell or dispose of the said ship called the Catchpoole. If yes to whom and for what Sum or sums of money did the said Defendant Bateman or any other person by his order or for the use at any time and when receive the money for which the said ship was sold or any and what part thereof or in your presence or hearing declare or acknowledge that he had done. Declare what you know have heard or believe touching the same.

Item have you seen and perused the paper writing or receipt or receipts produced and shown unto you at the time of your examination. Are you acquainted with the [manner?] and [?] of the hand writing of all or any and which of the parties whose names are subscribed or set to the said [?] or receipt or receipts or any or which of them (if yes) is or are the name of such person or persons [?] or [?] the same purports to be as you know or believe.

Item. It is usual for Masters or Commanders of ships […] to keep a boy or servant on board such their ships. If yes Is it usual for the Owners of such ships to allow or pay such Master any and what sum or sums of money per month for the wages of a boy or servant. Declare what you know or believe with the reason of the knowledge or belief.

Item What other matter or thing do you know or can you depose that will make for the benefit and advantage […] Declare.