Bateman Family History

Judith BATEMAN (1793-1857)

Born in Chappel (Pontisbright) Essex, England, although no record of her      baptism has been found. Judith had two illegitimate sons, David baptised      1811 and George baptised 1817. Judith was clearly very poor and is      featured in the parish account held at the Colchester branch of the Essex      County Record Office (Reference D/P 87/12/1). During the period 1820 to      1823 two shillings a week were paid to Judith for support of her child.

Judith is listed on 1841 Copford, Essex as a servant. In 1851she listed with her son John in Galleywood near Chelmsford and she died in 1857 in the Chelmsford District.

David BATEMAN (1811-1875)

David was baptised at Chappel, Essex 10th March 1811, baseborn      (illegitimate) son of Judith Bateman. David married Betsey (Elizabeth)      JAMES. In 1851, the family lived at 22 Barrack Street Colchester, with 6      children, a lodger and a visitor. David’s occupation is given as      Lime-Burner and David is recorded as being born in Chapel Essex, although      is age is given as only 30. In 1861, the family are living in Hythe Back      Lane, with 8 children (including George), 1      son-in-law and two grand-children. David’s occupation is given as      Lime-Burner. On the 1871 census David & Betsey are shown living      Parson’s Lane Colchester, together with 3 daughters and 1 son and      Elizabeth COATES (aged 19) a tailoress who was boarding with the family      and was later to marry George – one of the      sons that had already left home. In 1871 David’s occupation is simply      given as labourer. David died 25th October 1875 Hythe Hill Colchester Essex.

George      BATEMAN (1846-1905)

George BATEMAN was born on 13th February 1846, East Street, Colchester.      On 24th September 1872 at Colchester Register Office, George married      Elizabeth COATES (1851-1881) tailoress daughter of William COATES      (deceased), both living in Church Lane, The Hythe, Colchester On the 1881      census George and family are shown living at Hythe Hill Colchester.  Elizabeth died 1st May 1881 and on 9th April 1883 George remarried Eliza  BARNES daughter of Daniel BARNES mariner.

On the 1891 census they were living in Spring Close, Brightlingsea and by the  1901 census they had moved to Hall Cut, Brightlingsea. In 1930 Eliza was  living at 22 Queen Street Brightlingsea. Eliza was buried at Brightlingsea on  9th February 1940, although her address was given as 6 Hill Cottages, Great  Bentley, Essex.

Arthur William BATEMAN (1886-1945)

Arthur William BATEMAN married Jessie May ROUSE at the Primitive Methodist Church, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 21st December 1913.



John Carter (1770-?)

Born around 1770, married Sarah ?. Children :- John Cooper (1794), Sarah (1798), Joseph (?), Mary (1801), William (1807), Susannah (1810).

John Cooper Carter (1794-?)

Born on Christmas Eve 1794 in Harwich, baptised 11th January 1795 at Harwich St Nicholas. Married Rebkecca PENNICK from Dovercourt, in 1818. All references to John Cooper CARTER show his trade as Shipwright. The 1871 census lists John and Rebecca CARTER plus 2 sons both mariners aged 39 and 42 as yet unmarried, living at 3 Castlegate St. They had lived in Castlegate St since at least 1851. Children :- Sarah (1819), Caroline Amelia (1821), John Cooper (1824), William Cooper (1825), John Cooper (1829) Sarah (1835), Emma (1838), Elizabeth (1841)

William Cooper Carter (1825-?)

Born 1825 in Harwich, married Sarah BINES, from Great Bentley. The IGI states that William C CARTER was baptised at Harwich Wesleyan Chapel in 1826, this may explain why his later brothers/sisters were not baptised at St Nicholas.

The 1871 census shows William, Sarah, 4 children and lodger living in courtyard at 16 West St, the three eldest children were at school. William Cooper CARTER followed his father into the Shipwright profession, together with his sister according to the 1851 census. The baptism record however lists his occupation as a mariner.

William Cooper Carter (1858-1923)

Born 22nd November 1858, however was not baptised until 26th June 1872 aged 14, together with his 2 sisters and three brothers. Married Mary Ann COLE aged 19 on 18th October 1879 at St Nicholas Parish church aged 20, both residing in Harwich. The 1881 census give William’ occupation as a Railway Labourer. (None of his children were baptised, Non-conformist or agnostic ?) Occupation given on children’s marriage certificates as Lampman in 1908, 1910, 1912, living at 1 East St from at least 1910, A 1914 entry lists him as a clerk. Died 23rd November 1923, 1 East St, Dovercourt, aged 65, and buried at All Saints churchyard, Dovercourt.

John Cooper Carter (1891-?)

Born 2nd June 1891 68 West St, Harwich.