This is the Bateman Family website, with links to Family News and various reasearch projects.

Marcus genealogical roots can be traced to Essex and Suffolk whereas Joy’s genealogical roots can be traced to Aller in Somerset. Hence the inclusion of a couple on census and tithe indexes for Aller in Somerset (see under Research Projects).

Marcus’s 2 x Great Father Benjamin Catchpole was drowned on the Great Eastern Railway steamship SS Berlin in 1907 off the Hook of Holland. Under Research Projects – various sources on the SS Berlin have been included.

Another distant relative George Peter Carter was captured on the Great Eastern Railway steamship the SS Colchester in 1916. Marcus has undertaken some unique research into the Board of Trade (MT 9 series) held at the National Archives. The fruits of this research is a separate “MT9” First World War Civilian Prisoner of War website.

Marcus has also been researching the local history of Wanborough, Surrey and a separate website – the “Wanborough History Project” details the results on that research so far.

Other interests include Bee Keeping and Marcus is a Church of England Licensed Lay Minister (LLM).


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E126/6 Transcript

National Archives document – Freston Suffolk


TNA E126/6.

This day being appointed for the hearing of the cause here depending by English Bill between Samuel Aldus clerk plaintiff and Nicholas defendant upon hearing of the said cause and of counsel on both sides. As so much as the said plaintiff by his said Bill prays relief for tythe wood in Freston in the county of Suffolk and it is probed by the witnesses [exhibited] on the defendant’s part that an agreement was made between the said plaintiff and defendant that the said defendant should pay unto the   complainant for all firewood as was tytheable after the rate of two shillings in the pound as be said defendant was to pay for the purchase thereof and the said plaintiff hath [?] the sum of forty five shillings and six pence according to the said agreement. It is therefore this day ordered by the Court that the said defendant shall be dismissed out of this court of an from the said Bill of Complaint and the matters here in contained with forty shillings cots yet [?] be matters in difference between the said parties may be composed and determined. It is further ordered by the court by and with consent of both parties that it shall be and it is thereby referred unto Francis Baron Esquire and Henry Parker Esquire to ascertain what is due from the said defendant unto the said plaintiff according to the said agreement and the said defendant is to pay the same unto the said plaintiff accordingly.

Hyall for the defendant.

Payne for the plaintiff.


TNA, PROB 11/375/159, Will of Samuel Aldus, Clerk of Ipswich, Suffolk, Proved 07 February 1684.

TNA, E 134/1655-56/Hil4 Samuel Aldus, clerk v. Nicholas Sicklemore: Rectory or parsonage of Freston, in the county of Suffolk. Tithes.: Suffolk. Date:    1655-56.

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