This is the Bateman Family website, with links to Family News and various reasearch projects.

Marcus genealogical roots can be traced to Essex and Suffolk whereas Joy’s genealogical roots can be traced to Aller in Somerset. Hence the inclusion of a couple on census and tithe indexes for Aller in Somerset (see under Research Projects).

Marcus’s 2 x Great Father Benjamin Catchpole was drowned on the Great Eastern Railway steamship SS Berlin in 1907 off the Hook of Holland. Under Research Projects – various sources on the SS Berlin have been included.

Another distant relative George Peter Carter was captured on the Great Eastern Railway steamship the SS Colchester in 1916. Marcus has undertaken some unique research into the Board of Trade (MT 9 series) held at the National Archives. The fruits of this research is a separate “MT9” First World War Civilian Prisoner of War website.

Marcus has also been researching the local history of Wanborough, Surrey and a separate website – the “Wanborough History Project” details the results on that research so far.

Other interests include Bee Keeping and Marcus is a Church of England Licensed Lay Minister (LLM).


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Extract from National Archives Document HCA38/58

4th February 1718 Alteration als Catchpool

[Warrant for Arrest of Ship (document in Latin)]

[….] Nathaniel BATEMAN [….] the Alteration […] the Catchpool […] Thomas GROVE […] St Pauls Shadwell in county of Middlesex […] and Richard HILDER […] St Olavi Southwark in the County of Surrey […]Nathaniel BATEMAN […] Thomas GROVE […].

[New page]

[?] February 1718

[…] Alteration […] Catchpool […] Thomas GROVE […]

[New Page]

14th February 1718

Thomas SHERMAN parish St Andrews Holborn in County of Middlesex Salder who submitted.



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