Camp Reports – Lazarets in Wesel

Transcript from copy held at US National Archives.

Source Document: US National Archives Washington (NARA) ; RG 84 Records of Foreign Service Posts ; Diplomatic Posts – Great Britain – Volume 0763

Camp Visits – lazarets in Wesel

May 26, 1916

A report of a visit made to the hospital in Wesel by Mr. Osborne, was sent to London on October 26, 1915.

Ono wooden barrack in the large Festungslazaret in Wesel is devoted to prisoners of war, in which I found five British, to wit:

Sergeant A.H. Fletcher, 10th Sherwood Foresters, who was wounded in February, treated first in Courtrai, and moved to Wesel about five weeks ago;

Private Robert Pirie, Gordon Highlanders, had not been wounded but was transferred from the camp at Herverst-Dosten about a month ago owing to a temporary injury to his hand;

Private Harry Ruberry (424419), 27th Canadians„ who was captured April 6th at Eloi, treated in a field hospital and then at Courtrai for five weeks, and brought here last week;

Private Edward Webb (15819), 2nd East Surreys,  who was wounded in both legs on March 2nd, treated in Courtrai and brought here five weeks ago; and

Lance Corporal J. Perkins, 2nd East Surreys . who was captured on May 8, 1915, and had been in several camps, but was brought here a short time ago to be treated for his eyes.

In another ward I found Private Casely, 12th Royal Scots, who had been shot through the bladder and had been brought to Wesel last October, who expects to have another operation and stated that he has every confidence in the

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doctor in charge of his case.

Private Ungrave King’s Royal Rifles, who was captured on September 14t 1914, is convalescent though not able to walk so well as before he was wounded (he me a postman in civil life) works in the operating room in a hospital in the town, but was sent for and came to see me.

All these men were in good spirits and had no complaint to make, although those who had been in the hospital at Courtrai said they had liked it better there, All said that their treatment was exactly like that of the other men In the hospital and that there was no discrimination against them. Private Caseley is in a ward with German prisoners and has a special diet. The men said that their parcels were forwarded promptly from the camp at Friedrichsfeld, and Sergeant Fletcher had received parcels sent from England as recently as May 9th and 11th. The hospital is clean and the attendants appeared sympathetic.

John B. Jackson

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