Camp reports – Crefeld

Transcript from copy held at US National Archives.

Report of visit by Mr. DRESEL to Officers’ Detention Camp at CREFELD.

This camp, visited on the present occasion on Sunday, March 19, 1916, was described in previous reports of April 10 and October 21, 1915.

Since the latter statement, there have been a few changes in the list of officers, noted on a list which is hereto attached. At present 173 British officers and approximately 40 British orderlies are detained in the camp. Both classes are now quartered apart from prisoners of other nationalities. The officers’ rooms are all adequate, and have been comfortably, and even in some cases attractively, arranged by the prisoners themselves; a few of those, occupied by junior officers, are somewhat, but not unreasonably, crowded. In order to secure privacy and better ventilation, some of the younger officers have by an ingenious arrangement of red cloth curtains partitioned off spaces in the corridors under the windows, where in spite of the noise they prefer to sleep.

The walks on parole, which have lately been arranged, have been entirely successful. The officers go out in sufficient numbers to allow each officer two walks a week, the only complaint as to these was, that occasionally the German, accompanying the party, was a non commissioned instead of a regular officer. This will, however, be rectified at once, as I was informed at the Department Office in Münster. There is no trouble of any kind with the inhabitants

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inhabitants on these walks, but the children – so I was told – often approach the officers, to beg, generally with success, for chocolate.

With the approach of spring the aspect of the camp was cheerful, and the sunny weather allowed the officers to sit out of doors in camp chairs. In the afternoon a football match was played between a Scotch and a Russian team, and the former marched on the field, preceded by a strenuous per- [former on the bagpipes. Lately an enclosure and wooden horse for polo practice have been arranged at one end of the field, which give additional opportunity for quite violent exercise.

Religious services are read by Col. Boltan every Sunday in a good sized room. On the day in question there was a good I attendance, and the ninety first hymn was sung with much spirit.

The Officers as well as men are receiving very considerable [ supplies from home, and the postal arrangements are satisfactory. The sleeping rooms of the orderlies are sufficient, end | they had no complaints. Both officers and orderlies appeared to be, with few exceptions, in robust health. The relations with the camp authorities are excellent. There were no complaints, and the only wish I was requested by General Bruce to transmit, related to the glazing over of the lower parts of windows looking out on the public street. At Münster I was informed that the desire of the officers to enjoy an unobstructed view would, if possible, be granted.

March 24. 1916.

Ellis Loring Dresel

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Nov. 1 1915 From Duisburg Capt. L.S. Morrison 3rd. Bat Bat1. 1St Can. Cont. [Note 2]

Nov. 3 1915 From Mains Lieut. W. Dalzell R.N.A.S. [Note 3]

Nov. 3. 1915 From Mains Lieut. B. Wilkin, R.N.A.S.

Nov. 3. 1915 From Mains Lieut. A. Burnir, R.N.A.S.

Feb. 2.  1916 From Düsseldorf Lieut. C. Maunsell 6th Royal Warwickshire

Feb. 14. 1916 From Wessel Capt. Middleton, West Kent

Feb. 17. 1916 From Maniz Lieut. John Robinson Beverley, Aviation Corps [Note 1]

Feb 17. 1916 From Maniz Lieut. Anthony Harvey, Norfolk Regt.


Oct 25. 1915 To Güterslch Lieut. P. Broder Royal Flying Corps

Oct. 25. 1915 To Güterslch Lieut. C Dolling-Smith R.N.A.S., Folkestone



  1. TNA AIR76/432/48 ROBINSON, John Beverley born 1884. File 1918-19
    TNA WO372/17/51562 ROBINSON, John Beverley – Medal Card – Royal Flying Corp 2nd Lieut.
    TNA FO382/398 Lieut. J Beverley ROBINSON
  2. TNA WO 161/96/85, Morrison L J, 3rd Canadians.
  3. W DALZELL maybe Aviator’s Certificate “1366 Flight Sub-Lieut. William Arthur Kirkpatric Dalzell, R.N.A.S. (Caudron Biplane, Royal Naval Air Station, Eastbourne). June 2nd. [1915]”
    TNA FO383/309 Alleged exercise of reprisals against Captain W A K Dalzell, Royal Flying Corps.
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