MT 85/362


This page contains additional information on The National Archives file MT 85/362.

This piece is a large bound volume approximately A4 in size.

The MT 85 consists of registers of Marine Division correspondence between 1851 and 1919. They take the form of press copies of entries, giving brief details of correspondents, date and contents of letters and the registered number of each paper.

Subject indexes of the correspondence are contained in MT 86

The volume is arranged in Board of Trade “M” folder sequential number order. Each number therefore corresponds to a “M” folder of correspondence on a particular theme. The original folders can be found in the MT 9 series usually bundled with folders relating to the same topic.

MT 85/382 covers items from ? – ? in ?.


Entries Related to Prisoners of War


BT Reference File date Description
M1414 1917 25/01/1917 From Major H k ? M.P. Head Quarters, Eastern Command, 50 Pall Mall SW1. [SS] Brussels. Asks as to whereabouts of Mr G CARTER Prisoner of War in Germany. Previous item 2667. Next item 3386.
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