MT 9/1288

This page contains additional information on National Archives File MT 9/1288.

A large sized piece divided into separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.

Letters to ship owners (circa 100 letters) asking for confirmation of named individuals’ release from Germany to enable Board of Trade to update their records. The questionnaires generally list a few individuals (presumabely whose information is missing).

See the below links for images of a typical return:-

“Coralie Horlock” Questionnaire: Image on Flickr

“Coralie Horlock” Questionnaire (back): Image on Flickr

“Coralie Horlock” Cover letter by F W Horlock & Co: Image on Flickr

In several cases the ship owners replied that foreign seamen were involved and they had no information, or the individual were admiralty gunners and not part of the normal crew and again they had had no contact. Example ships “Rossall” “Glencliffe” “Garesfield” “Leversons”


BT Reference File date Description
M4818 1919 2/4/1919 A Division Draft letter to ship owners as to return of prisoners to UKLetters from ship owners re  “Rossall”, “Glencliffe”, “Garesfield”, “Leversons”, “Trevean”, “Tremorvah”, “Trelissick”, “Polleux”, “Lynfield”, “St Cuthbert”,”Mersey”, “Riding”, “Eugiene”, “Vera”, Gifford”, “Charterhouse”, “Mount Temple”, “Burnby”,”Inverawe”, “Elba”, “Coburg”, “Lestris”, “Chameleon”, “Capricornus”, “Cancer”, “Pegasus”, “Petunia”, “Port Inglis”, “Mohacsfield”, “Umvoti”, Eptalofos”, “Indian”, “Juno”, “Lesbian”, “Trevider”, “Treglisson”, “Mcoya”, “West Quarter”, “Rubislaw”, “Walrus”, “Shirbeck”, “Porpoise”, “Kesteven”, “Lindsey”, “King George”, “Wentworth”, “Duke of Wellington”, “King Charles”, “Strathallen”, “Virgo”, “Tormus?”, “Sappho”, “Swedish Prince”, “Peerless”, “Browen”, “Iolo”, “Otaki”, “Rhine”, “Rideo”, Winterton”, “Victorian Transport”, “Wilberforce”, “King Stephen”, “Euchid”, “Soltaire”, “St George”, “Seaham Harbour”, “Tung Shan”, “Warrune”, “Zealand”, “Saxon Price”, Matunga”, “Mannuria”, “Glencarse”, “Sinainn”, “Marnay”, “Vienna”, “Corsica”, “Oldenburg”, “Swift Wings”, “Duchess of Cornwall”, “Longhirst”, “St Cuthbert”, “Queen Eugenie”, “Scarsdale”, “Crown Point”, “Sprightly”, “Oswestley”, “Pelridge”, “Rubens”, “Toro”, “Glyndwr”, Lewisham”, “Seti”, “President”, “Rutland”, “Saxon”, “May Scott”, “Montank Point”, “Manx Queen”, “Pendennis”, “Equity”, “Mascota”, “Joseph Chamberlain”, “Katheine”, “Lothian”, “Iris”, “Lobelia”, “Gravelpak”, “Coralie Horlock”, “Hull”, “Gravina”, “Coniston Water”, “Inkula”, “Indianola”, Dartwen”, “Ikbal”, “Helworth”, “Comedian”, “Chelteman”, “Eddie”, “Cogent”, “Argonaut”, “Corso”, “Cambria Range”, “Frankdale”, “Duns Law”, “Clan Mactavish”, “Castro”, “Appam”, “Fleetwing”, “Cordova”, “Glenearn”, “Equity”, “City of Berlin”, “City of Bradford”, “City of Munich”, “City of Belfast”, “City of Leeds”, “Bellailsa”, “Campeador”, “Brandenburg”, “Borderland”, “Auk”, “Brecknockshore”, “Bury”, “Banana”, “Orun”, “Sangara”

Correspondence includes

Letter re Frank ANDERSON.

List of Gunners (circa 50 names).

Letter re Hassan SAID reported to be from “Manchuria”.

Other articles which refer to this Catalogue reference

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