MT 9/1249

This page contains additional information on National Archives File MT 9/1249.  This file contains details of Inspection visits to Prisoner of War Camp Visits.

A large sized piece divided into separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.


BT Reference File date Description
M13988 1918 3/12/1818 Report of visit to camp at Lubeck
M8818 1918 6/6/1918 Report of visit to camp at Hastedt BremenPrevious Paper 310-7657
M5623 1918 10/4/1918 Report of visit to Officers camp at Bad ColbergPrevious Paper 310-5572
M4966 1918 27/3/1918 “Thurso” Telegram re repatriation of W WILSON engineer from Brandenburg CampPrevious Paper 310-4703
M4703 1918 22/3/1918 Copy of two Notes Verbal re Officers camp at StroenPrevious Paper 310-4511
M4511 1918 19/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department – copy of communication for Netherlands Minister re state of seamen at BrandenburgPrevious Paper 310-3814
M3814 1918 7/3/1918 “Eskimo” Informing the board that it was not practical  to secure the transfer the members of the ship “Pommerusdiorf to another camp. Copy of the report on “Johanisthal”.Previous Paper 310-3332

List of Prisoners at Stettin Lazaret (3 pages mostly miltary)

M3332 1918 27/2/1918 Report of visit to Officers at SchweidnizPrevious Paper 310-3129
M3129 1918 23/2/1918 Forwarding copy of report of visit to Brandenburg campPrevious Paper 310-2896
M2896 1918 26/2/1918 Report on Stettin and Pommereusdou campsPrevious Paper 310-709
M2895 1918 16/2/1918 Copy of note from Netherlands Minister re transfer of prisoners to officer campsPrevious Paper 33-2749
M2334 1918 9/2/1918 Copy memo for communication to Netherlands Minister Berlin asking for camp at Schweidnitzto be inspected. Foreign Office reference: 23208/1218
M709 1918 12/1/1918 Foreign Office – Report re officers camp at WahmbeckPrevious Paper 310 Camp list of seamen (9 names)
M310 1918 5/1/1918 The Netherlands Minister Berlin re inspection ZossenPrevious Paper 34835/40611/17
M40611? 1917 26/11/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy Note Verbal re conditions at Lubeck campPrevious Paper 34835-38699
M38699 1917 17/10/1917 Brandenburg Camp and Grossenburg Camp (transferred to 37796) ReportsGood description of camp and includes a few names in text Previous Paper 34835-36964
M36964 1917 14/9/1917 Prisoner of War Depart – copy telegraphic correspondence re visit to camp at BrandenburgPrevious Paper 34885-36580
M35972 1917 27/8/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Report on Strohen campPrevious Paper 34835-35972
M35652 1917 1917? Admiralty – Forwarding copy of letter sent to Prisoners of War Department on treatment of Civilian Prisoners of WarPrevious Paper 34835-35048
M34835 1917 6/8/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Report on Lubeck
M40174 1917 15/11/1917 Copy of papers sent to Almiralty regarding the internment of Catain and ? in Officers camp at Brandenburg “NOMAD”Previous Paper 34835-38699
M3935 1917 9/3/1917 Prisoner of War Department – “ROWANMORE” informing Board that if it is not yet desirable to take any further action in the matters of Captain Phelans repatriationPrevious Paper 863-2197/17
M40336 1917 20/11/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter to Admiralty re complusory employment of British Mercantile Marine prisoners at  LubeckPrevious Paper 827
M35084 1917 9/8/1919 Prisoner of War Department – Transmitting copy of report of visit to Prisoner of War Camp BrandenburgPrevious Paper 13478-33373
M36868 1917 12/9/1917 Great Eastern Railway – “SS Brussels” / Asking for information as to arrangements for repatriation of civilians over 45 years of age.Previous Paper 30123.
M30123 1917 3/5/1917 Great Eastern Railway – “SS Brussels” / Asking if any action can be taken on behalf of Mr Thurlow for his removal to Switzerland
M13478 1917 26/3/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Refers to “Horus” “Brussels” “Saxon Prince” including good description of Brandenburg
M33373 1917 10/7/1917 Prisoner of War Department – relating to internment of crew of “Aaro” at Brandenburg
M32205 1917 21/6/1917 Prisoner of War Department – relating repatriation fron Brandenburg “Arrow”
M17688 1917 ? 1917 “Bella”
M2017 1917 10/1/1917 Foreign Office – Copy letter to US Ambassador asking for enquiry to be made as to reported removal of crew of “Bella” to Brandenburg
M36575 1916 23/12/1916 “Thurso”Previous Paper 36574
M36220 1916 21/12/1916 Prisoner of War Department – “Loch Ryan”Previous Paper 60-38123
M31074 1916 15/11/1916 War Office – List 193B of British Prisoners of War in Germany, merchant seamen and officersPrevious Paper 60-30950 Extract X.31940 O103/9247 3 pages
M27984 1916 23/10/1916 Hull Supt – Report that letters have reached Hull from Master and Chief Engineer “Thurso” who are interned in GermanyPrevious Paper 60-27957
M27997 1916 23/10/1916 Foreign Office – Copy note to US Ambassador  relating to whereabouts of Capt Wood, Chief Engineer B Wilson of “Thurso”Previous Paper 60-27984
M26760 1916 11/10/1916 “Thurso” – stating that Wood and Wilson are now Prisoners of WarPrevious Paper 60

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