MT 9/1244

This page contains additional information on National Archives File MT 9/1244.     A large sized piece divided into separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.  The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.  Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.


BT Reference File date Description
M13389 1918 19/3/1918 Forwarding copy telegram from the Hague.Report of Captain POWELL, Captain of Camp at Ruhleben accompanied by members of Soldiers’ Council visited Legation yesterday 10th November and reported that Soldiers’ Council have taken charge of camp and that all the interned are all ? quiet.
M2532 1918 13/2/1918 Prisoners of War Department – Netherlands Minister forwards list with changes at Ruhleben Camp since 2nd January 1918Previous Paper 679
M679 1918 11/1/1918 Prisoners of War Department – Camp changes at Ruhleben Original references 5255/1218 6???/1218 5323/1218.


Contains Ruhleben Camp Change list 62 (5/12/1917) through to 109 (29/10/1918) with numbers 77, 80,82 and 86 missing. However MT 9/1597 (in sub folder M6765) holds a duplicate of 80 and two of the missing lists 77, 79 and MT 9/1240 holds list 82.

Previous Paper 3408-418237/17

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