MT 9/1241

This page contains additional information on National Archives File MT 9/1241.

A large sized piece divided into separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.


BT Reference File date Description
M12996 1918 4/??/1918 RGS – “Georgie” Forward letter W J WILLIAMS Forward list of camps interned at and monies received and refunded asks for settlement and advice. Includes letter dated 24/9/1918 from W J WILLIAMS Previous Paper 33/3733.
M2749 1918 16/2/1918 Admiralty – Informing Board that in view of decision reached when the arrangements for the payment of allowances to Merchant Officers interned in Germany were discussed it is considered that HM Government is precluded from making a definite request for uncertificated Officers to be placed in Officer camps to receiving allowances. Previous Paper 33/2311.
M8262 1918 10/6/1918 Great Eastern Railway SS Colchester SS Brussels – letter relating to to request for Officer treatment be given to Joseph Papworth FREESTONE and Herbert Victor RODELL wireless operators interned in Germany. Previous Paper 33.
M3022 1918 20/2/1918 Assn of Wireless Telegraphists – For Boards assistance to prevent wireless operators from being removed to men’s camp. Previous Paper 33-2845.
M2845 1918 19/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram to HM Minister the Hague for transmission to Netherlands Minister at Berlin  asking for certified wireless operators in the list to be transferred or sent back to officers camps. Previous Paper 33-2749.
M1570 1918 26/1/1918 Admiralty – Suggesting that list of wireless operators interned in Germany be prepared and sent to German Government re defraying cost of allowances by Marconi Company. Previous Paper 33-1542.
M693 1918 11/1/1918 Marconi International – attaching list of operators interned in Germany and undertaking to repay sums expended on their behalf. Includes list of 20 named wireless operators and ship. Previous Paper 33-628.
M6276 1918 23/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of memo for communication to Netherlands Minister Berlin as to whether wireless operators are entitled to allowances as Officers . Forwarding for German Government second list of Officers (60 marks class). Previous paper 33-6128.
M5625 1918 10/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department –  copy note from Netherlands Minister Berlin re payment of allowances to wireless operators. Previous paper 33-5624.
M4942 1918 27/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of despatch to H.M. Minister the Hague forwarding list of men who are entitled to treatment as officers an giving assurance that cost of maintenance will be borne by H.M. Government. Includes “third list of civilians (officers of Mercantile Marine) eligible for transfer to combatant officer camps circa 30 names. And “fourth list of civilians (officers of Mercantile Marine) eligible for transfer to combatant officer camps circa 33 names. And revised First list (12 pages). And second list (3 pages). Previous Paper 33-4891.
M2311 1918 8/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department –Copy despatch from HM Minister the Hague transmitting list of officers interned in Germany who are unable to prove their Rank. Previous Paper 33-1570.Includes list (in German) of 77 merchant seamen officers including William HARTNELL and Frank PAYNE of SS Brussels and Frank BENNETT, Frederick CROSBY and Frederick MCCOWATT of  SS Colchester

Another list of 12 merchant seamen officers starting with :- John WILLIAMS, Captain, “Reapwell” Handlesmarine 14.4.1884 Cardigan, Gefagengenommenwann 27/11/1916 Mittelmeer, Hat sine Bescheinigung des Board of Trade – ja Another (in German) list (handwritten) starts with Thomas ROBERTS and is 3 pages and.  Another (in German) list (typed) dates 16/11/1917 12 names of merchant marine officers starting with John Ch. ASHFIELD of “Petridge” Captain.  Another (in German) list (typed) 112 names of merchant marine officers starting with Albert Edward DOVE “Polar Prince” Captain. Includes Frederick J STARKEY of SS Brussels.  Another list with handwritten updates (“revised first of civilians – officers of Mercantile Marine – eligible for transfer to combatant officer camps in repayment of subsistence allowances as shown” ) 12 Pages and circa 350 names. Includes 5 officers of SS Brussels and F BENNETT, F CROSBY, E COLEMAN of SS Colchester.  List includes camp of internment.

M9561 1918 17/7/1918 Prisoner of War Department (111241/1218) – Re complaints from officers interned in Germany not receiving allowances guaranteed by Government. Previous Paper 33.9136.Includes Memorandum for communication to the Netherland Legation (British Section) at Berlin. “Full List of Civilians – Officers of the British Mercantile Marine” 11 pages circa 330 names. First entry  Stanley EDWARDS, 3rd Officer “Aaro” Class Marks 60, Last Camp Brandenburg. Also includes  J FREESTONE, Wireless Operator of SS Brussels Class Marks 60, Last Camp Brandenburg.   F BENNETT Master SS Colchester Class Marks 100, Last Camp Schweidnitz F CROSBY Chief Officer SS Colchester Class Marks 100, Last Camp Schweidnitz W CHILVER 2nd Officer SS Colchester Class Marks 60, Last Camp Schweidnitz W MCCOWATT Chief Engineer SS Colchester Class Marks 100, Last Camp Schweidnitz E COLEMAN 2nd Engineer SS Colchester Class Marks 60, Last Camp Schweidnitz H RODELL Wireleless Opeator  SS Colchester Class Marks 60, Last Camp Brandenburg Another list circa 23 pages similar to previous, with handwritten amendments. Last page hand marked Board of trade 29 July 1918.
M9136 1918 5/7/1918 Prisoners Of war – Copy of memo to Netherlands Minister Berlin relating to transfer of uncertificated Mercantile Marine Officers at Ruhleben to Officer Camps. Previous Paper 33-8881.
M8683 1918 20/6/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding copy note Netherlands Legation at Berlin enclosing names of junior Engineer officers to be added to list entitled to receive 60 marks monthly. Previous Paper 33.8403.Includes POW Department memo 20/6/1918 Reference107477/1218/P. Letter from 30 junior Engineer Offices to claim for recognition with the certified engineers.  First entry on list of 30 names is Wm M SUMMER “Inkula” 4th Engineer
M5181 1918 30/3/1918 Furness Withy & Co Ltd – Copy letter 30th March 1918 from A B DAVIES Chief Engineer ex “Cambrian Range” for certificate of rank. Previous Paper 33-4891.
M3421 1918 28/2/1918 Leopold Walford Ltd-  “Strathcoma” asks that Government pay the necessary 100 marks per month to enable Captain ALLEN to remain in an Officer camp. Previous Paper 33-3186.
M3678 1918 5/3/1918 Prisoners of War Department – Copy memo to Netherlands Minister at Berlin stating that Colonial and Board of Trade certificates are considered of equal value. (Cases of Capt ALLEN of “Strathcoma” and Mr DAVIES of “Cambrian Range”). Previous Paper 33-3313.
M3151 1918 23/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding copy from Netherlands Legation Berlin asking if colonial certificate of competency are equivalent of Board of trade certificates. 2 Certificates attached. Previous Paper 33-2936.
M3106 1918 23/2/1918 Albert Bill DAVIES – Ask to be supplied by Board with a letter stating that he holds a 1st class engineers certificate.
M1543 1918 25/1/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Iolo” Forwarding copy letter Imperial Merchant Service Guild re Captain W GRIFFITHS still interned at a working camp at Brandenburg. Previous Paper 33-906.
M9674 1918 18/7/1918 Burns Philip Ltd – “Matunga” As to the status and treatment of the Officers of this vessel who are Prisoners of War is Germany. Previous Paper 33-4942.
M6122 1918 18/4/1918 Atlantis Transport Co Ltd – Asking that action may be taken to allow officers to be treated as such. Previous Paper 33-5626.
M5843 1918 13/4/1918 Prisoners of War Department – Forwarding extracts from ? Wireless Operators. Previous Paper 33-5626.Handwritten list entitled “Extract from List No X 79295. List of British Officers arrived in Holland for internment 27th June 1918 (transferred from Germany) notified by S.B.O. The Hague Holland in a telegram dated 27th June 1918 received in War Office 28th June 1918“. Names listed are:-Wireless Operator BAXTER B D  Wireless Operator  HARDCASTLE A Wireless Operator HUGO L P  Wireless Operator HENRY RJ 

Hand written list entitled “Central Prisoners of War Committee camp changes between 11th -17th May 1918” Names listed are:-SS “Floridian” Arthur Reginald BEYNON  SS “Voltaire” Joseph CARROLL SS “Governor” J L OAKLEY  SS “Brecknockshire” John Hugh NEILL  SS “Esmeraldas” W A WARBURTON  SS “Cambrian Range” C J WATERS  SS “Britannia” William George WILLIAMS

M5624 1918 10/4/1918 RGS – Letter from black ? & Co asking on behalf of J STILLERS “Pontiac” for certificate of rank. Previous Paper 33-5538.
M5538 1918 8/4/1918 Ministry of Shipping – Forwarding copy of letter from J HANCOCK reporting that R H HANCOCK is not receiving treatment as an officer and asking for assistance. Previous Paper 33-5518.
M5252 1918 3/4/1918 Mrs M MAYNIHAM – Asking Board to send Captain F T MOYNIHAN ex “Britannia” his Master’s certificate or take steps to ensure his treatment as officer. Previous Paper 33-5251.
M5251 1918 3/4/1918 Gow Harrison & Co – Asking that Mr LOCHHEAD ex “Vellore” may be placed on the same basis as other officers as regards allowances. Previous Paper 33-5250.
M5250 1918 2/4/1918 RGS – Correspondence with G H Wills & Co re supply of certificate of rank to W GEDDIE Ex “Corso”. Previous Paper 33-5181.
M4993 1918 27/3/1918 T & J Harrison – Copy letter from R H HERBERT pointing out possibilities unless Board send out copies of certificate to officers interned in Germany. Previous Paper 33-4442.
M4944 1918 27/3/1918 RGS – Letter from Mrs L M CRAFTER asking on behalf of her husband C R CRAFTER for certificate of rank. Previous Paper 33-4942.
M4290 1918 15/3/1918 J M S Gd – Copy postcard from Captain R A KNIGHTS ex “Voltaire” reporting that authorities at Walmbeck Camp refuse to pay allowances on BT vouchers unless refund is guaranteed. Previous Paper 33-4253.
M4103 1918 11/3/1918 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – Certificates of Rank – Forward copy request by number of men interned at Schweidnitz. Previous Paper 33-?630.
M3997 1918 11/3/1918 Captain J M Pearson Walmbeck Camp – “Brisbane River” Asking that copies of their certificates may be sent to those Masters of Vessels who are interned in order that they may receive the monthly monies as agreed upon by the British and German Governments. Previous paper 33-3804.
M3804 7/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department (reference 40926/1218) copy of report communicated by H M Minister the Hague re refusal of authorities to recognise BT vouchers at Wahmbeck. Previous Paper 33-3792.
M3794 1918 5/3/1918 Marine Engineers Assn Ltd – Forwarding petition from officers at Schweidnitz re certificates of rank. Previous Paper 33-3777.
M3630 1918 4/3/1918 The Imperial Merchant Service Guild – “Gravina” Forward copy letter R O Jones 2nd officer asking for Board of Trade to send document verifying was rated as officer. Previous paper 33-3313.
M6919 1918 7/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department (reference 78626/1218/P) – Copy note from Netherlands Legation at Berlin re transfer of pursers of “Voltaire” “Mount Temple” and “Esmeralda” to officer camps.
M4253 1918 14/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department (reference 46850-1218) Copy telegram from H M Minister the Hague reporting that pursers BOULTON, EVANS, and SHUTE have been at Schweidnitz since Jan 26. Previous Paper 33-4243.
M3733 1918 6/3/1918 Oceans Steam Navigation Co – “Georgic” For issue certificate of rank in respect of W J WILLIAMS Purser. Previous Paper 33-3678.
M3313 1918 25/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department (reference 33004-1218) – Copy note for communication to Netherland Minister Berlin re amount charged to Mr EVANS ex “Voltaire” for keep at Brandenburg which is not an officer camp. Previous Paper 33-3106.
M3186 1918 25/2/1918 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company – “Brecknockshire” Forwarding letter from E M HURST ex Purser on vessel asking for copy of form G R 4 in order to prove his status and thereby secure treatment as an officer while interned at Prison Camp in Germany. Previous Paper 33-3151
M1196 1918 19/1/1918 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company – As to transfer of H HURST (Captains clerk) ex “Brecknockshire” to officer’s camp. Previous Paper 33-906
M811 14/1/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram from HM Minister the Hague reporting that pursers BOULTON and EVANS and SHUTE desire transfer to Officers camp. Previous Paper 33-628.
M4016 1918 11/3/1918 M T HURST 17 Oakdale Road Liverpool – “Brecknockshire” asking that her son E M HURST who is interned in a prison camp at Schweidnitz shall be granted a certificate as junior officer to avoid his transfer to Brandenburg. Previous paper 3186.
M8881 1918 26/6/1918 Mrs STEWART Buryhead Morayshire – “MinnetonKa” Informing Board that her husband J J STEWART requires a duplicate of his Engineers certificate for production to German Prison Camp authorities. Previous Paper 33-8683.
M8301 1918 12/6/1918 Furness Withy & Co – “Saxon Prince” On behalf of Harold ROBINSON ex Chief steward of vessel who asks for a certificate which shall entitle him to be treated as an Officer while interned in Germany. Previous Paper 33-7954
M7954 1918 28/5/1918 Andrew Well & Co – “Gifford” Complaining that Officers of vessel not yet placed in Officer camp. Previous Paper 33-7347.
M6237 1918 22/4/1918 The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co – “Brecknockshire” Forwards copy letter Mrs FULFORD as to whereabouts of R K FULFORD Chief Engineer. Previous paper 33-6122.
M5626 1918 10/4/1918 Colonial Office – “Duchess of Cornwall” Forwards letter Gov. of Newfoundland re captain GUNNEY certificate certifying he was Master of vessel. Previous Paper 33-5525.
M2613 1918 14/2/1918 Furness Withy & Co – “Cambrian Range” – re J EVANS 1st Officer – informing Board that Mr EVAN’s sister has received information to the effect that he has been removed to Furstenburg. Previous Paper 33-2311.
M1401 1918 22/1/1918 Colonial Office (reference 2690) – Copy letter from Newfoundland Pay Record Office re issue of certificate of rank to Capt. T GUNNERY ex “Duchess of Cornwall”. Previous Paper 33-1245.
M1245 1918 21/1/1918 Pacific S N Co Ltd – V ARROWSMITH ex “Esmeraldas” For certificate of rank. Previous Paper 33-1196
M769 1918 12/1/1918 Marine Engineers Association Ltd – Certs S A MAIN ex “Voltaire” for certificate of rank. Previous Paper 33-540.
M628 1918 10/1/1918 J MS S Guild (Cardiff Branch) – Captain G B BEDORD ex “Britannia” For Certificate of rank. Previous paper 33-305.
M2936 1918 20/2/1918 J MS S Guild – Forwards copy postcard from Captain R A KNIGHT ex “Voltair” asking for certificate of rank. Previous Paper 33-2749.
M906 1918 18/1/1918 J OAKLEY – As to status of wireless operators interned in Germany as Officers. Previous paper 33-811.
M305 1918 5/1/1918 RGS – Forwards letter from Purser BA W SHUTE and T J BOULTON for certificates of rank. Previous Paper 33-133.
M133 1918 2/1/1918 Admiralty – Officers interned in Germany – Do not think it desirable to encourage applications by uncertificated officers for transfer to officers camps [?] in prposed [?] for applicants. Previous paper 33 (41091/17 crossed through).
M33 1918 31/12/1917 General Post Office – Forwarding petition by wireless operators interned at Strohen for certificate of rank. Previous Paper 34895 – 41211/17.
M40099 1917 25/10/1917 John NAUDE – “King George” asking (1) that clear proof shall be sent to the German authorities that he was an Officer on Vessel (3rd Engineer) in order that he may be admitted to Officer camp (2) applies for a new discharge book. Previous Paper 34895/38587.
M41211 1917 29/11/1917 Furness Withy & Co Ltd – “King George” asking for necessary documents in evidence of status as officers of Mr G BOLTON 3rd officer Mr J NAUDE 3rd Engineer and Mr G HEKE 4th Engineer all of the above vessel at present interned in men’s camp in Germany. Previous paper 34895-41091.
M41091 1917 3/12/1917 Furness Withy & Co Ltd – Asking if any action on general lines is taken by Board re applications for certificates of rank of interned officers with a view of avoiding individual applications.  Previous paper 34895-40515.
M40125 1917 15/12/1917 RGS – Petition from officers at Brandenburg camp for verification of their status as officers in merchant service. Previous paper 34895-38587.
M40515 1917 23/11/1917 Furness Withy & Co Ltd – “Cambrian range” J EVANS For certificate of rank. Previous Paper 34895.
M40446 1917 21/11/1917 The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co – “Brecknockshire” Respect E M HURST.
M40177 1917 16/11/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Transmitting copy telegram to H M Minister at the Hague respecting rate of allowances payable to Officers of merchant Marine interned in Germany. Previous Paper 996-39703.
M39528 1917 3/11/1917 Admiralty – Copy letter to Prisoner of War Department re rank of officers to be determined by capacity served in at time of capture and not by certificate held. Previous Paper 827-38433.
M39252 1917 26/10/1917 Furness Withy & Co Ltd – “Saxon Prince” Forward copy of postcard from J H ROBERTSON Chief Steward asks for Board oof Trade views on Chief Stewards treated as Officers. Previous Paper 38232.
M38956 1917 23/10/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram from HM Minister the Hague asking if men holding Board of Trade certificates are to receive 100 marks allowances and if Marconi operators are treated as officers. Previous Paper 996.
M38785 1917 18/10/1917 Canadian Pacific [?] Services Ltd – “Mount Temple” informing Board that they have a letter from T J BOULTON asking for documentary evidence to prove that he was purser on above vessel when sunk by German raider.
M38323 1917 9/9/1917 J H ROBINSON Asking for certificate that he was Chief Steward on “Saxon Prince” in order to satisfy German authorities.
M38044 1917 2/10/1917 RGS – “Esmeraldas” Forward Letter  from B A SHUTE Purser. Previous Paper 14016/34957.
M42273 1917 26/10/1917 Mrs E M GIBBLE – “Esmeraldas” letter on behalf B A W SHUTE (Pursers). Previous Paper 14011/38044.
M34895 1917 16/7/1917 Petition by Officers at Brandenburg Camp who have lost their certificates for official letter to enable them to obtain treatment as officers. Includes handwritten petition July 1917 with list of circa 51 names, last ship, rank, certificate, date of certificate.e.g. Richard G ROBERTSON, SS “Glencliffe”, 1st Engineer No33915, 1st class, 1899. Frederick Joseph STARKEY, SS Brussels, 2nd Engineer 46561, 1st class, – .


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