MT 9/1238

This page contains additional information on National Archives File MT 9/1238.

Large piece divided in separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.



BT Reference File date Description
M? 31/05/1918 List of Merchant Seamen and Fishermen detained as Prisoners of War in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey, Board of Trade Printed List 31st May 1918 (circa 3000 names)
M12793 1918 30/10/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram from the Hague on the repatriation of Merchant Officers and Seamen over 45 years of age.Previous Paper 304-12769.
M11635 1918 26/9/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of letter to Home Office with copy of code telegram from FO to Hague announcing the discontinuation of instruction to German Marine Cadets in England pending satisfactory answer from German Government on the same question regarding English cadets interned in Germany.Previous Paper 865.
M865 1918 15/1/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copies telegrams from H.M.M. the Hague re special treatment of youthful prisoners of war. Reference 5182/PPrevious Paper 36362-38150/17.
M6121 1918 19/4/1918 Forwarding copy telegram from H.M.M. The Hague stating that German Government will send list of British Mercantile Marine prisoners over 45 years or in bade health under 45 years if H.M. Government will supply a similar list re German Mercantile Marine. Reference 66670/1218/P.Previous Paper 304-6076.
M5940 1918 13/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Asking that age of officers and seamen whose repatriation may be in question may be given. Case of Captain MERCER of ship “Floridian”.Previous Paper 304-5939.

Letters re Captain MERCER of ship”Floridian” 13th April 1918.

M5842 1918 11/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Telegraphic correspondence with H.M. Minister The Hague re retention of merchant seamen over 45 years of age at RuhlebenPrevious Paper 304-5352.

Parliamentary question from Mr PETO M.P. 25th April 1918 re repatriation agreement.

Parliamentary question 16th April 1918 repatriation from Ruhleben.

5th April 1918 coded telegram from H.M. Minister The Hague notes “that there are over 50 mercantile prisoners at Ruhleben, 15 of whom are over 45. Would it not be advisable o press for these to be included in the next transport of civilians…”.

9th April – Reply to above “It is not desirable to press for the repatriation of merchant seamen over 45 years at Ruhleben as to do so would indicate that His Majesty’s Government make a distinction between merchant seamen interned and at other camps….”

M5302 1918 4/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – reporting that German Government have agreed to extend period of transport of prisoners between Boston and Rotterdam until all prisoners entitled to repatriation or transfer to Holland have been shipped.Previous Paper 304-5301
M5301 1918 4/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – As to continuation of agreement re repatriation of all prisoners over 45 years of age to all prisoners.Previous Paper 304-5122.
M5116 1918 30/3/1918 Mr BAKER – Correspondence with Admiralty and minutes relating to the release of these Merchant Seamen in German Prison Camps who are over 45 years of age.Previous Paper 304-4805.

Agenda for meeting of interdepartmental committee of prisoners 9th October.

M5298 1918 4/4/1918 Mrs J MERCER – “Floridian” – Go to release from Germany of husband Captain F MERCER.Previous Paper 4252.
M4148 1918 12/3/1918 Admiralty – “City Of Hamburg” forwarding correspondence relative to repatriation of Captain Gerald KIRWAN.Letter re Captain KIRWAN of SS “City of Hamburg” 12th March 1918.
M4252 1918 14/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Reporting that Captain MERCER ex “Floridian” is over 45 years of age he is eligible for repatriation and if ill for transfer to Holland or repatriation.Previous Paper 554-3745.
M4851 1918 25/3/1918 MaeVicr Marshall & Co Ltd – “”Frankdale” As to repatriation of J G ROOP Master of Vessel now interned in Ruhleben camp.Previous Paper 30269/17.

Letter re Captain ROOP of SS Frankdale 19th April 1918.

M4082 1918 11/3/1918 T WHALE – “Treider” asking to assist in obtaining release of son W R WHALE at Ruhleben
Letter re release of W R WHALE of “Trerider” 13th March 1918.
M3968 1918 9/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Brecknockshire” Forwarding copies of correspondence with Messrs Webb and Hall on question of the transfer to a neutral country of Captain G A MACKENZIE Master of Vessel.Previous Paper 3354.

Letter re Captain G A MACKENZIE of ship “Brecknockshire” 11th March 1918.

M3354 1918 28/2/1918 Royal Mail Steam Packet Co – “Brecknockshire” enclosing letter received by Mrs MACKENZIE wife of Captain MCKENZIE Master of Vessel asking for assistance re obtaining transfer from Germany to Switzerland. Previous Paper 14145/40845/17
M10536 1918 20/8/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding note from Admiralty re reciprocal transmission of list of interned British and German Merchant Officers and Seamen.Previous Paper 304.
M8947 1918 28/6/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding copy note from Netherlands Legation Berlin re repatriation of British and German Mercantile Officers and seamen over 45 years of age.Previous paper 304-8672.
M8331 1918 12/6/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding list of ships officers who are over military age and are interned in Germany.Previous paper 304.
M6874 1918 6/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from Admiralty and copy telegram from H.M. Minister at The Hague re exchange of lists of British and German Merchant seamen over 45 years.Reference 74803/1218/P Previous Paper 304-6857.
M6705 1918 2/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from Home Office.Previous Paper 304-6604
M6604 1918 Admiralty – Forwarding correspondence with Cayger Irvine & Co Ltd re possibility of release of officers in Germany. Cases of Captain W.N. OLIVER ex “Clan Mactavish” Mr R KNOX ex “Clan Faquhar and A G MACPHERSON ex “Clan Murrary”Previous Paper 304-6351
M6351 1918 24/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from Home Office setting out objections to proposed extension of repatriation agreement.Reference 70314/1218P. Previous Paper 304-6268.
M6223 1918 22/4/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from Admiralty re proposed extension of agreement.Previous paper 304-6121.
M3745 1918 6/3/1918 Leyland Line – “Floridian” Asking if any prospect of captain MERCER being transferred to Switzerland through ill health.Previous paper 554/3316.
M3936 1918 9/3/1918 Admiralty – Copy letter addressed to the secretary Prisoners of War Department relating to report from Lieut Colonel PICOT respecting the repatriation of merchant officers and seamen recently transferred from Germany to Switzerland.Previous Paper 304-3446.
M2348 1918 11/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram to H.M. Minister Berne re repatriation from Switzerland of Officers and men of Mercantile Marine.Previous paper 304.
M9541 1918 13/7/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Jumna” Fordwarding copy letter from and to Mrs A.F. LOE re son J.R. LOE (apprentice) at Brandenburg camp and not recognised as officer.Previous Paper 304-8990

Letter re John River LOE of SS “Jumna” 2nd July 1918.

M8990 1918 2/??/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from Admiralty and telegram to H.M. Minister at The Hague re repatriation of boys under 17.Reference 108241/1218. Previous Paper 304-8672.
M8672 1918 21/6/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of letter to ? re release from German of boys K HARRIS and E MINNS “Matunga”Previous paper 304-8331.

Letter to High Commissioner Australia re Keith HARRIS age 13 years and Eric MINNS age 16 years of “Matunga” 31st May 1918

M5352 1918 5/4/1918 Ministry of Shipping – Observations respecting suggestions to pay balance of allowances (after deduction of dependents’ allowances) to Prisoners of War.Previous Paper 304-5302.
M8128 1918 6/6/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Observations re transfer to officers camps of cadets and apprentices of Mercantile Marine.Previous Paper 304-7755.
M7658 1918 24/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of letter from Imperial Merchant Service Guild with one from Cadet R S Payne interned at Brandenburg relating to Officer status during internment and question of general treatment.Previous paper 304-7533.

Letter re cadet R S PAYNE and G WILLAMS 15th May 1918.

M7533 1918 17/5/1918 Government Committee on Treatment by the Enemy of British Prisoners of War – Forwarding statement of Chief Engineer D BROUGHTON re treatment apprentices at Brandenburg.Previous Paper 304-7502.
M7502 1918 8/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Treatment of youthful Prisoners – Copy of Note Verbale communicated by the Hague and telegram to the Hague.Previous Paper 7348.
M4707 1918 22/11/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram to H.M. The Hague re treatment of cadets and apprentices. Reference 49944/1218Previous Paper 304-4265.
M4265 1918 13/3/1918 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – forwarding copy letter from certain ships officers interned at Schweidnitz calling to treatment of service Cadets and Apprentices and urging that they should be moved to Officer Camps.Previous Paper 304-3672.
M3220 1918 25/2/1918 Canadian Pacific Ocean Services – “Mount Temple” letter re cadet on vessel
M8462 1918 13/3/1918 Admiralty – Copy of letter address to the Prisoner of War Department relating to the arrangements for the instruction of cadets and apprentices of the mercantile marine who are interned in Germany.Previous Paper 1038-4572.
M4512 1918 19/3/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Trevan” Transmitting copy of paper from the Netherlands Legation Berlin relating to the retention of Captain J.O. EVANS ex Master of vessel at Brandenburg.Previous paper 1038.
M12202 1918 12/10/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Saxon Prince” Forwarding copy telegram from The Hague re apprentices HUNTER and MACENZOY? as to their status as officers.
M1064 1918 17/1/1918 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – As to treatment of cadets.Previous Paper 304-907.
M2260 1918 8/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy memo from Netherlands Minister Berlin and copy letter to Admiralty re treatment of apprentices and cadets who are prisoners of war in Germany. Reference 19747/1218Previous Paper 304-1890.
M2261 1918 8/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Mount Temple” Copy of memo for transmission to Netherlands Minister relating to the proposed exchange of six German ships boys for cadet A AKERMAN And fix other British ships boys.Previous Paper 304-2260.
M2323 1918 8/2/1918 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – Forwarding copy letter from cadets at Brandenburg re treatment. Previous Paper 304-2260.
M2747 1918 16/2/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter to IMSG and letter from Admiralty and copy telegram to M.M. Minister The Hague re compulsory employment. Reference 29146/1218.Previous Paper 304-2492.
M7785 1918 25/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department – “Otaki” (1) Copy of telegram to the Hague on the release from Brandenburg of Edward RANDALL of this vessel under 16 years of age. (2) Note Verbale of German Government re cadets.
M7558 1918 21/5/1918 F E BROWN – Writing on behalf son a cadet interned in Brandenburg camp asking if some representation could be made to improve conditions for cadets.
M7119 1918 10/5/1918 C.N. RENDALL – “Trevida” Asking Board if they can ? the repatriation of his son R C RENDALL at Ruhleben Camp.
M4380 1918 16/3/1918 Supt. Swansea – “Cambrian Range” Enclosing letter from Mrs DAVIES asking Board to make effort for the release of her son Archibald a prisoners in Germany.
M7527 1918 21/5/1918 Officers Prisoner of War Fund – “Spennymoor” Asking where to apply for identification papers of “a man torpedoed on the vessel” who requires them for release from Ruhleben.Letter a prisoner from SS “Spennymoor” 21st May 1918.
M7484 1918 18/5/1918 Mrs C SCOTT – “Spennymoor” – Applying for identification papers for her son W.A. SCOTT interned in camp at Ruhleben.Letter re SCOTT of the “Spennymoor” 24th May 1918.
M627 1918 10/1/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from Furness Withy & Co re transfer of 3 boys to officers camps. Reference 2275/1212/P.Previous Paper 304/540.
M7347 1918 15/5/1918 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – Forwarding copies of letters from Cadets G WILLIAMS and R S PAYNE.Previous paper 33-6919.
M5518 1918 7/4/1918 Mrs F O’DELL – Asking for Boards assistance to obtain transfer of her son L W AKERMAN cadet ex “Mount Temple” to an officer camp.Previous Paper 33-5252.
M5121 1918 28/3/1918 Furness Withy Co – “French Prince” transmitting letter from H.A. WILLIAMS relating to certificates required by the German Government to show his son was a cadet in this firm’s service and on this vessel.Previous Paper 33-4891.
M540 1918 9/1/1918 New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd – Certificates of ranks to obtain treatment as officers. Forwarding copy letter from R S PAYNE ex “Otaki” re cadets.Previous paper 33-305.
M41420 1917 10/12/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy memo for Netherland Minister Berlin re repatriation of 6 German ships boys in exchange for Cadet AKERMAN ex “Mount Temple” and A BROOMFIELD ex “Otaki” and four others. Reference 219586.Previous Paper 827.
M41288 1917 7/12/1918 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – Copy letter from D J EVANS re transfer of cadets and apprentices to officers camps.Previous Paper 827.
M40580 1917 24/11/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter to Furness Withy & Co Ltd re position of apprentices interned in Germany. Reference 222073.Previous Paper 827-40238.
M33810 1917 12/7/1917 Admiralty – Forward letter from R.L.W. COOPER re treatment of cadets and apprentices as ordinary seamen instead as officers.Previous Paper 827-33461.
M33157 1917 7/7/1917 Prisoner of War Department – “Cambrian Range” Memo to Netherlands Minister at Berlin A.M. DAVIES and E.V. BILGER apprentices asking that they might be repatriated. Previous Paper 827.
M40760 1917 Furness Withy & Co Ltd – Forward copy of circular sent to relatives of apprentices interned in Germany.Previous Paper – 36362-381150.
M40692 1917 27/11/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy telegram sent to Hague relating to amendment of memo dealing with treatment of youthful prisoners of war. Previous Paper 36362-38150.
M38150 1917 6/101/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy communication for Netherlands Minister at Berlin re the treatment of youthful Prisoners of War inviting reference to Annex 3 of Hague Agreement.Previous Paper 36362-36902.
M36902 1917 13/9/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter from War Office re treatment of youthful Prisoners of War. Reference 176168/P.Previous Paper 36362.
M40389 1917 21/11/1917 Supt. Victoria Docks – “Otaki” Letter from New Zealand Shipping co with enclosure from Mr WILSON Chief Engineer of Vessel now Prisoner in Germany on the question of transference of Officer camp.Previous Paper 34895-38587.
M40337 1917 20/11/1917 New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd – Copy letter from R S PAYNE ex “Otaki” asking for certificate as to rank.Previous paper 34895-40125.
M41333 1917 8/12/1917 Admiralty – Allowances – Copy letter to Prisoner of War Department re Cadets and Apprentices.Previous Paper 996-40708.
M40690 1917 23/11/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Further letter relating to release of Cadet AKERMANN and five other ships boys in exchange for six German ships boys.Previous paper 38785-40118.
M40118 1917 15/11/1917 Admiralty – “Mount Temple” – Transmitting for Board information the copy letter sent to Prisoner of War Department relating to release of Cadet AKERMAN of this vessel.Previous Paper 38785-39375.
M38186 1917 16/9/1917 Petition by certain cadets interned at Brandenburg for supply of proof of their rank.Previous Paper 34595-38046.

Notes says “16 signatories to the petition are indentured to well known firms and particulars taken from the indentures are set forth on the attached statement”.

Handwritten letter/petition dated 16th September 1917 from cadets wishing to continue their training in the Brandenburg camp.

Handwritten schedule of the circa 17 cadets and apprentices who signed the above petition with names, age, place birth, indenture details, address rating, engagement date, capture details.

M35974 1917 27/8/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Suggesting protest against forced employment of British merchant seamen at Lubeck Docks.Previous Paper 34835-35652.
M35058 1917 9/8/1917 R COOPER – Asking for assistance in obtaining better treatment for his son ex “Otaki”.
M34941 1917 7/12/1917 C.R. RENDALL – “Trevider” Asking if there is a possibility of being able to effect a transference of his son Robert RENDALL to a neutral country : present place of internment Ruhleben.Previous Paper 34639.
M34639 1917 1/8/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding letter C.R.RENDALL asking if son interned since 1914 Robert RENDALL apprentice age 20 be returned to Holland under new arrangement with German Government made at Hague.
M32204 1917 21/6/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Transmitting copy of report from H.M. Minister at the Hague on condition of prisoners camp at Crefeld.Report on CREFELD Officers Camp 8th May 1917 where 525 British Officers held, 103 Mercantile Marine Officers, 4 Native Indian Officers and 130 orderlies. All the French and Russians have left. The senior ranking officer is Brigade General C.D.BRUCE. Names include General BRUCE, and Brigade General Victor WILLIAMS.
M31589 1917 10/6/1917 Admiralty – Forwarding copy letters to Prisoner of War Department re cadets ex “Yarrowdale”. Admiralty reference N.L.1/51582.Previous Paper 5121-19842.

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