MT 9/1179

This page contains additional information on The National Archives File MT 9/1179.

A small piece divided in separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.



Old Reference File date Description
M4682 1918 20/3/1918 Central Prisoners of war Committee – “Wordsworth” – Men stated have been allocated to the case of British & Foreign Sailors SocietySheet: Brewster WINTON Karlsrube Camp Sheet: Frances Nicholson ROBINSON Karlsrube Camp Sheet: John FORSYTH Sheet: Ewen Charles CUTHILL Sheet: Alexander BOWMAN Karlsrube Camp

Note: SS “Jamna.Barr” new names 13/4/1918 Hugh MCLARIN William WARE Bernard MCLAUGHLIN. SS “Wordsworth” Frank DAVIS. All Gustrow.

List of SS “Wordsworth” x 12

List of SS “Wordsworth” x circa 31 names with camps.

Sheet: John Albert MOWFORTH Camp Karlsruhe Sheet: John William SHIELDS Camp Karlsruhe Sheet: Adam WAUGH Camp Karlsruhe Sheet: John THOMAS Camp Karlsruhe

Extract – List No. P.M. 411 of 16/5/1918 Official German List forwarded through Geneva Red Cross 26/4/1918 CHARON Andrew; Captured Indian Ocean 30/3/1917; Born Port Louis 1/8/1885 WHYTE Andrew; Captured SS “Wordsworth”; Born Kirkintilloe 12/5/1892

Extract: List No P.M. 420 of 28/5/1916 Official German List forwarded through Geneva Red Cross 13/5/1918 KARLSRUHE from KIEL John Thomas JAMES SS “Wordsworth” Captured Indian Ocean 11/3/1917 Born Tyne Dock 16/7/1871 address 19 Eadham Terrace, Tyne Dock, South Shields.

List No. 7565 List of Officer Prisoners of War in Germany. Extracted from list from Frankfurt Red Cross. 7/6/1918 x 13 names various ships.

Handwritten Note: Central Prisoners of War Committee. Camp Changes between June 15 and 21 SCRAFTON W Foreman SS “Wordworth” from Kiel to GUSTROW.

Handwritten Note: Central Prisoners of War Committee. Camp Changes between July 27th and Aug 2nd 1918 John Francis LLOYD Galley Boy SS “Wordworth” from Gustrow to Parchim

20/3/1918 Letter Central Prisoners of War Committee. Names 8 x Wordsworth crew plus John Barnes RUGG “Dee” and John Emrys DAVIES “Turritella”. All prisoners at Karlsruhe.

List 21/3/1918 27 names SS “Wairuna” at Gustrow; plus Norma Arthur PYNE and Harvey Lyon SMITH SS “Matunga” at Brandenburg (Australian); plus Peter SCOTT, Robert Sharland TAYLOR, Jeremiah Joseph HEFFERNAN of SS ”Matunga” at Brandenburg (New Zealanders); plus C R RABY, Alfred Charles PEARCE, Alex Frank FRASE, Ernest Allen BUCKINGHAM of SS “Jumna” at Karlsruhe; plus Henry John HECK of SS “Turritella” at Brandenburg; plus Thomas Harold WILLIAMS of SS “Woodsworth” [Wordsworth?] at Brandenburg.

List of Crew of “Jumna” Official Number 115798, x 10 names.

List 28/3/1918 Crew of SS “Matunga” at Gustrow x circa 36 names

23/3/1918 Letter Central Prisoners of War Committee – Details of crew of ss “Wairuna” at Gustrow x circa 29 names. Plus reference to Norman Arthur PYNE and Harvey Lyon SMITH of SS “Matunga”.

List of Crew of the SS “Wordsworth” circa 30 names

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