Coralie Horlock

The ship Coralie Horlock (Official Number 114649) was captured at the start of the First World War in August 1914 at Hamburg.

The shipowners F W Horlock & Co of Mistley, Essex decided they were unable to pay the crew of Coralie Horlock  in whole or part whilst they were interned in Germany. This resulted in the landmark court Horlock v Beal Case

A full list of the crew can be found at Index of Seamen and Fishermen POW

National Archive References

  • MT 9/1288 Questionnaire when interned Prisoners of war returned
  • MT 9/1253 Response to Board of Trade questionaire on crew’s allowances

MT 9/1288 Questionnaire: Image on Flickr

MT 9/1288 Questionnaire (back): Image on Flickr

MT 9/1288 Cover letter by F W Horlock & Co: Image on Flickr

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