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This page contains additional information on The National Archives File MT 9/1427.

Medium sized piece divided in separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been recorded.

Old Reference File date Description
M13968 1920 24/06/1920 India Office – Prisoners of War – Forwarding copy of correspondence with Bombay government regarding advisability of recovering certain payments made to Lascars on their repatriation after release from internment. Case of Naroodin Bala referred to. Previous Paper 3185.Letter dated 8th May 1920 refers to ships ss “Solfeds” and ss “Ehrenfels”.


A Letter signed by Mahmad Tair Baba Jainoo Fakir Bala Ibrahim Abulla Mohidin Ismile Jadooin Usman Gultan Mahmad Jainoo Isaac Bhandin Hussen Jainoo Mahamad Maino Mahamad Nuradin Hussen Alli Hussen Aeuin Baba Aeuin Mahamad Bawa Ahamed Bawa

M12521 1919 5/9/1919 India Office – Copy letter from Government of India as to grant of compensation to the dependents of interned lascar seamen who are known to have died in enemy countries.Previous Paper 6071.
M6071 1919 25/04/1919 Copy of letter from Government of India re compensation of relatives of men who have died while in Germany.Previous Paper 1862-10869/18
M5749 1919 17/4/1919 Hamidulla and others – “Nordmark” – For balance of wages and compensation for suffering while interned.Letter signed by Hamid Aall Akbarally Amur Ahamed Jabad Ally Raisaalla Elim Khan Auziraalla Mnsaarkhan Safarrally Retoalla
M8994 1919 26/06/1919 Government of India authorised to pay the wages to Lascars released from Internment and ask for reply to to letter re adjustment of wages back in India. Previous paper 6071-8256.
M6742 1919 7/5/1919 India Office – Copy of letter from Government of India re payment of wages of lascars employed in British vessels interned or destroyed by the enemy.Previous Paper 6071.Memo refers to the ships SS “Clan Mactavish” and SS “Author”.
M8256 1919 11/06/1919 Prisoner of War Department – Copy correspondence with India Office re expenses incurred in repatriation of Lascars. Previous Paper 6071-7292.
M7292 1919 17/5/1919 Prisoner of War Department – Copy letter to India Office re repatriation of German subjects from South Africa interned there from India. Previous Paper 6701.
M9487 1919 4/7/1919 India Office – “Hebe” – As to Shaik Mahamed dependents’ claim. “Clan Macintyre” As to Adam Khans dependents’ claim. Advising that above claims do not come under Seamens War Risk Scheme and that owners should pay compensation under Workmens Compensation Act. Previous Paper 581.
M3993 1919 12/3/1919 India Office – “Alvari” – Enquiring as to pension and compensation for loss of effects by he widow of Shorabji Dorabji. Previous Paper 581.
M6703 1918 1/5/1919 War Office – Copy note re interview with repatriated Indian prisoners respecting the treatment to which they were subjected to from 3 other Indians and German Officers. Previous Paper 1862-6040Copy of the official German list of Prisoners of War “Civ.100015” forwarded by the International Committee of the Red Cross Geneva, 14/2/1919. Camp Halbmondlager, Wunsdorp. 2 names :- Ullah NASSIB Von: Gustrov gef: durch MOWE (see SMS Moewe (Auxiliary Cruiser))January 1916 geb: 1897 Colet, Bengalen, Indien gest: 17/11/18 Lungentuberkulose. Ullah AYOOB Von: Grossenaum gef: interniert 22/7/1916 gest: 17/11/18 Lungentuberkulose.


List of repatriated British Prisoners of War arrived at Leith 19th January 1919. From List X.93480. Pte SLADDEN ?.E. 2nd Wilts Pte WILTSHIRE G. 2nd Wilts Pte STOCK S.B. 6th Wilts L/C HEPTINSTALL K. R. Mun. Fus. L/C GREENHALGH G. R.Ir. Regt. Pte GORMAN J. Ir. Regt. Pte. PAYNE I. Ir. Regt. Pte SKILLINGTON M. Con. Rangers Pte McSHERRY J. Con. Rangers RILEY T. SS “Voltaire” WHITE E.J. SS “Otaki” GOLAM, Khan SS “Griffen Calutta” SHAKE, Pachu SS “Griffen Calutta” MOHD, Abdulla SS “Solsfel”

List of Repatriated British Prisoners of War arrived at Leith 9/1/1919 from list X.92991 3rd (Royal Naval) Division 3942 A.B. RICH E. (Hawke Bn.) Abdul Letif, Mercantile Marine Rohmt Vlla, Mercantile Marine Australian Imperial Force 631 Pte. ADAMS, N.K. Australian Imperial Force 650 Pte. TONKS, E.V. Australian Imperial Force 3982 Cpl. GRAY, V.S. New Zealand Expeditionary Force 64418 Pte. BADMINGTON, A.S.

Handwritten list of Lascar seamen POW arriving week ending 21/12/1918 Ascadelli Sheriff Khan Omarding Allan Dinkum

Merchant Seamen etc. Dealt with at Ripon Circa 300 names including mostly Lascars most whom were from the ships “Grefenfeld”, “Wokfels”, “Solefels” “Nordmark” “Kitfels” “Ironville” “Christopherfeldt” “Author” SS Netherby Hall “Clan McTavish” “Drymetus” “Radnorshire”. The few non-lascar names include Francis ROBINSON of the “Wordsworth”; J.D. MARTON of the “Dee”; Cecil McDERMID of the “Jumna” ; A.H. SERGENT/Reginald LIDDLE/John ROBINSON/Charles TURNBALL/Edward MOORE of “Mount Temple” and others.

Official German List Civ.9856 28/9/1918 Abdull HAMID born 1886 Azimpore

Extract from a list of civilians repatriated from Holland 12/10/1918 RIASUD, Ali SERAJOL, Hoq GUNNY, Abdul BAROKA, Mahodl ? BAWA Mohamed or Mudin

Official German List Civ.9332 Cecrod JAMA Torik ULAH

Official German List Civ.9333 Hamidoola KOOMATOLLA Mazimula JABODALIA Mahamed Allein Sooba

Official German List Civ.9334 Percy STEGGLES Geb: 23/4/1882 Kelvadon

Official German List Civ.9199 Shaik Nurudin Din Mohamed Abu Bakker Attar Ali Mahomed Haniff

Letter about 18 British prisoners in Lazaret from camp at Jessenitz (Futterwekfabrik). Two are Indians :- Modossi-Ali Age 28 from SWlate near Calcutta Jacobella Age 26 from SWlate near Calcutta Both were captured on ships torpedoed by “Mowe” (see SMS Moewe (Auxiliary Cruiser)) on 10th January 1917 – the SS Netherby Hall and SS “Draiwess” respectively.

Note on interview with repatriated Indian prisoners of war at the Strangers’ Home for Asiatics, West India Dock Road, on 19th April 1918. From ships SS “Nordmark” SS “Wachfels” SS “Gravenfels”. Nasr-Ullah Rahatullah Mianffar Abdul Ghani Abdur Rahman Babu Subhani

Details of interviews given.

M6040 1918 17/4/1918 India Office – Lascars – Liability of owners for wages of lascars repatriated.Contains good summary of policy on wages/allowances. Previous Paper 1862.
M1862 1918 1/2/1918 Ministry of Shipping – Copy letter from T & J Harrison re owners liabilitiesPrevious Paper 14036-41659/17.
M41659 1917 14/12/1917 India Office – Forwarding further lists of LascarsPrevious Paper 14036-37796.List no P.M. 498 28/8/1918. Official German List. Abdul Karim from SS “Clan MacTavish”


List CIV.8957 BAWA Sahib Shaik Nurudin List CIV.8971 AMIN ALi Assad Ali

List CIV.8915 SCHEIK Abrahim from SS “Clan MacTavish”

List No P.M. 476 1/8/1918. Official German List. Shaik Abdul Shaik Joomann Shaik Aperadu Coman Ullah Mossaffer Ali Asraf Ali Hussin Ali Tigger Ali Ali Mohamed Ghan Mohamed HAYNES Frederick James born Yarmouth 15/11/1879 from Ruhleben William Stoker BOHERTI born London 19/4/1898

28/5/1918 O103/3/483 – From the Netherlands Minister at Constantinople, deaths at Nealtepe Hospital, Constantinople Private John HOY Essex Regiment Alfred NAHAL of “City of Khios” (CWGC Link) KITCHENER No 3465 Sapper and Miner

List of native Indian POWs interned in Germany/Holland – circa 23 names.

List of P.M. 429 of 7/5/1918. Official German List. Christoper REES HMS “Nomad” Alfred Charles ROBINS HMS “Turbulent” Joseph GARNER HMS “Nestor” Frederick MORRIS HMS “Nestor” Mohamed Haniff Agar Jan. Omar Khan Aik Ramil Alamudin Albert Herton John Nahai Abdull Khalik Abdull Motaleb Mohamed Ashak Hehamel Abdull Rafig Khan Hari Khan Karam Ali Golam Rabani Williams Stevenson Farjan Ali Wazit Jitan Shah Noaz Bawa Mawdin Khaji Karim Khan Seragul Hog Zerad Khan Enob, Keah

List of British Indian Seamen arrived at Boston January 7th 1918. Circa 20 names.

List No P.M. 309 14/1/1918 of War DEAD Pte Francois COTON (French) Saik Hoassain Berang Born Surtu Mohala Age 72 Died 2/11/1917 Bawodeen Hossein Bornat Vatunakeeie India. Aged 19. Died 6/11/1917

Letter from Red Cross 1/12/1917 BATIMAMAN, of Swalate (East-Indies) born in 1889. Died 29/11/1917.

German List of Lascars 77 names.

German List of Lascars at Parchim Camp 89 Names

German List of Lascars at Zossen Camp 181 Names

M37786 1917 1/?/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of note from Netherlands Minister at Berlin transmiting list of pristers at GrossenbaumPrevious Paper 14036-36469.List of P.M. 91 of 25/4/1917 (Contd) Sotaun Sunabally Susadally Turadudla Vasidudla Waphi Wasid-Ali Wasidudla


From ships “Radnorshire” SS Netherby Hall. All captured by SMS Moewe (Auxiliary Cruiser).

List No P.M. 257 of 9/11/1917 ?albamadur Thapa Pte. (Gurkha) Bhavan Singh Pte. (Gurkha) Tilbahadur Pte. (Gurkha) Sukran Lohar Pte. (Gurkha) Julbir Gurung (Gurkha) Singh Johar L/Cpl 82 Pungalese Regt. 2 Coy. Bowdin Mahamed (Civilan)
Letter 12/09/1917 Report pf Visit to Camp at Grossenbaum near Dusseldorf. 239 Indian civilians have been transferred here from Havelberg and Zossen-Wunsdorf. Names four Indians working as translaters Nour Mohamed Erahim Bolassim Goolamals Rangoonwali Combo (Document contains detailed inspection report).

List of Indians at Grossenbaum Circa 200 names

M36469 1917 5/9/1917 India Office – Reporting arrangement of October 1916 that US Ambassador at Berlin should assist civilians Indian natives of British Nationality similarly to British Subjects at Ruhleben and welcoming proposals to send food parcels and comforts.Previous Paper 14036-36098.
M36098 1917 29/8/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of telegram to and from Netherlands Minister (Berlin) re British Indians interned at Havelberg.Previous Paper 14036-35219
M35219 1917 14/8/1917 India Office – Further correspondence relating to payments to dependents of Indian seamen who are interned as Prisoners of War in Germany.Previous Paper 14036-35111List IV 6 names from SS “Crostafels” List II – Murat Imanbox age 25 of SS “Watchfels” List 2 – 40 names from SS “Ehrenfels” SS “Solfels” List 5 – Seck Ibrahim Mea from SS “Ehrenfels”
M35111 1917 11/8/1917 Prisoners of War Department – Forwarding copy telegram from and to H.M. Minister (Hague) re British Indian prisoners at Havelburg.Previous Paper 14036-34640.
M34360 1917 1/8/1917 Prisoners of War Department – Copy telegram to H M Minister (Hague) re British Indian prisoners at Havelburg Camp.Previous Paper 14036.
M34310 1917 27/7/1917 India Office – Relating to the question of inclusion of the names of Lascars in Board of Trade printed list of Merchant Seaman detailed in enemy countries. Copy of correspondence and lists treceived from Government of India.Previous Paper 14036-33410.Letter re SS “Dramatist” – unable to identify three individuals Sazudulla Syedulla Mazedulla


List of lascars on SS “Dramaist” circa 25 names.

Letter confirming details of 4 seamen from “Solfels”, “Kybefels” “Grieffenfels”.

Letter confirming details of circa 200 seamen including lists for SS “Kybefels” “Austria” “Ehrenfels” “Axenfels” “Spume” “Crostafels” “Nordmark” “Schildturm” “Wachtfelds”

M33410 1917 10/7/1917 Prisoners of War Department – Transmitting copy telegram from H.M. Minister The Hague containing note verbale from German Govermnet as to 99 Indian Seamen in at Parchim.Previous Paper 14036-19585
M19777 1917 7/5/1917 The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co – SS “Radnorshire” – Forward list of engine room hands presumed to be Prisoners of War in Germany. List of circa 25 names. Previous Paper 1920-12138.
M19595 1917 3/5/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding Copy letter Central Prisoner of War Committee and telegram to H.M. Minister The Hague re Indian Seamen (Lascars) interned at Parchim.Previous Paper 14036.
M35761 1917 23/8/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Relating to British Mercantile Officers interned in Germany and payment necessary for them to remain in Officier Camps.Previous Paper 887.
M14036 27/03/1917 India Office – Native indians interned in Germany – No Information received from Government of India as to ships in which men were serving at time of capture.
M18522 1916 10/7/1916 India Office – Insurance – Lascars War Risk Compensation Scheme. Copy telegram from Government of India. Previous Paper 5983-16908.
M13801 1916 17/5/1916 India Office – Insurance – Copy letter from Government of India with enclosures re payment of compensation to dependents of deceased lascar crew of British ships.Previous Paper 5983-12504.
M12504 1916 4/5/1916 India Office – Insurance – Forwarding copy of further letter with enclosures from Government of India re payments to dependents of lascars killed on “City of Edinburgh”.Previous Paper 5983-9398.Cases of Mahammad Jan and Martin PHILIPS (Deceased) of SS “Tangistan”. (See CWGC Entry for Martin PHILIPS )
M9398 1916 4/4/1916 India Office – Insurance – Forwarding telegram to Government of India re payment of allowances in case of lascar members of crews of British ships killed or injured through operations of war.Previous paper 5983-7062List of “native crew” missing or who died as a result of torpedoing of SS “Clan Macfarlane”.


Printed copy of War Risks. Seamens’s Compensation Scheme – Lascars.

M7062 1916 10/3/1916 India Office – Insurance – “City of Edinburgh” – Observations as to payments of allowances to dependents of lascar members of crew and forwarding copy of letter from Government of India. Previous Paper 5983.
M5983 1916 26/2/1916 India Office – Insurance – Lascar crews of British ships killed or injured through war :- Payment of allowances.Previous Paper 25030/15.
M25030 1915 15/9/1915 B Division – Insurance – Draft letter to the India Office enclosing copies of memo by Liverpool and London War Risks Insurance Associations re allowances to be paid in the case of lascar members of crews of British ships who are killed or injured through operations of war.

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