SMS Moewe (Auxiliary Cruiser)

The German Imperial Navy ship SMS Moewe or Möwe (ex freighter Pungo) was an armed merchant raider or auxiliary cruiser in World War I.

Records in The National Archives

  • ADM 137/3852 Activities of German auxiliary cruisers and minor craft on foreign stations: GRIEF, BERLIN, KRONPRINZ, WILHELM, LIBAU, MOWE, PLANET, TINGTAU, LAUTING, GREIER AND CORMORON 1914-1919
  • ADM 137/3882 German raider ships: exploits of auxiliary cruiser MOWE, and specifications of other surface raiders 1917
  • ADM 137/3907 Report of German surface raider MOWE’s first cruise 1916
  • ADM 137/3908 Details of German surface raider MOWE’s second cruise 1916-1917
  • ADM 137/4812 Charts for cruises of commence raiders Mowe and Seeadler in Atlantic and Pacific 1916-1917
  • FO 383/473 Includes correspondence re status of American citizens captured from SS Esmeraldas by German raider Moewe: C Robart, J Miller, L F Hanbury, R H Hendren, P Nagel and W Breen.
  • MT 9/1127 Includes correspondence re crew of SS Eskimo captured by Moewe

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