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This page contains additional information on National Archives File MT 9/1597.

Large piece divided in separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.



BT Reference File date Description
M5718 1923 1923 Prisoners of War Standing Sub-Committee of Imperial DefenceTwo copies of a “Summary of Extract from Report of Sub-Committee on Treatment of Aliens” CID Reference No. 411-B which provides an overview of the policy with regard to repatriation of civilians during the First World War (WWI). Previous Paper 3812/18168/19.Full transcript : Repatriation and exchange of civilian prisoners during the First World War
M18168 1919 31/10/1919 A Division – Prisoners of War. Memo and correspondence with Mr S H WRIGHT (Treasury) re (i) payment of expenses of securing officer treatment for Merchant Marine Officers Germany (ii) meaning of “prisoners of war” (iii) position regards claim against Germany.Previous Paper 3812-9676.
M9676 1919 8/7/1919 Prisoners of War. Copy of letter sent to War Office re repayment of advances made by German Government on behalf H M [?] and Merchant Marine Officers interned in Germany.Previous Paper 3812-8749.
M8747 1919 20/6/1919 Prisoners of War. Forwarding copy letter to War Office with copy letter from Prussian Ministry re deduction of Camp Credits from amounts which Netherlands Legation are authorised to pay German Government for maintenance of officers.Previous Paper 3812-7615.
M7615 1919 26/5/1919 Prisoners of War. Maintenance of Officers – Camp Credits. Do Board concur in proposed deduction of amounts paid in respect of camp credits from sum due to German Government for maintenance?Previous Paper 3812-6411.
M6411 1919 2/5/1919 Prisoners of War Department – Maintenance of Officers. Copy note from Netherlands Legation at Berlin transmitting German accounts of expenditure. As to deduction of amounts paid re camp credits.Previous Paper 3812Lists in German of British Merchant officers and allowances paid to them. German List of subsistence payments to Officers of Merchant Marine.


1.	Handwritten list with details of payments. 66 names. 
2.	Handwritten list with details of payments. 76 names. 
3.	Handwritten list with details of payments. Part A (68 names). Part B (33 names). 
4.	Handwritten list with details of payments. 107 names.
5.	Typed list with details of payments 18/2/1919. 75 names.
6.	Handwritten list with details of payments. (1 page names)

Including Frederick THURLOW of SS Brussels at Heidelberg camp in third list.

M6765 1918 3/5/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy note from Netherlands Legation Berlin forwarding unofficial list of British civilians released from Ruhleben. Previous Paper 304-6705.List of seamen (A Home Office list which gives date of arrival in UK) detained as Prisoners of War in listed dated 31st May 1918 who have returned to UK. Details include name, ship and dated of arrival in UK. 3.5 pages circa 120 names E.g. John WOOD, of “Coralie Horlock” 15/3/1918 F THURLOW, W. COULSON, H. GILBERT R. TOVELL, W. CUTTER all of SS Brussels returned 5/3/1918


Translation of Note Verbale of 6th instant III b 8894 the Foreign Office begs to hand the Netherlands Legation the enclosed list of 120 British Civilian Prisoners repatriated and 30 sent for internment to Holland from 7th instant. List 30 names transferred to Holland 7/3/1918 with date of birth / occupation (in German).

Note reference 77099 1918/P1218 3rd May 1918 “Changes at Ruhleben

Ruhleben POW Camp Changes List 79

Note reference 77043 1918/P1218 3rd May 1918 “Changes at Ruhleben

Note reference 77049 1918/P1218 3rd May 1918 “Changes at Ruhleben

Ruhleben POW Camp Changes List 80

List of Prisoners of War transferred to Holland (119 names) including John WOOD of ss “Coralie HORLOCK” plus a short list of 30 names

Note reference 77961 1918/P1218 4th May 1918 “Changes at Ruhleben

Ruhleben POW Camp Changes List 77

List of Passports sent to Ruhleben 21/3/1918 Circa (100+ names civilians and seamen)

M??812 1919 13/3/1919 Prisoner of war Department – treatment and repatriation of youthful prisoners. Copy notes from Netherlands Minister at Berlin re J JAMIESON and C WRIGHT as to exchange of six German and six British boys. Previous Paper 304-12870/18.
M1682 1918 29/1/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Copy telegram from H.M. Minister The Hague re interpretation of Para 11 of Hague Agreement.Previous Paper 304-1430.
M1430 1918 24/1/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Telegraphic correspondence with H.M. Minister the Hague re exclusion of merchant officers and seamen from para 11 of Hague Agreement.Previous Paper 304-1194.
M10276 1918 10/8/1918 National Sailors and Fisherman’s Union – Copy of a letter from nine bosums interned in Brandenburg as to their repatriation or removal to a neutral country.Previous Paper 304/1001.Letter from Brandenburg Camp 9 bosums 1/5/1918 signed by


F CAMPBELL “Mount Temple”
W J EVANS  SS “Eddie”
P G BENNETT SS Colchester 
James MCNEIL SS Brussels. 
Walter Thomas HOLMES SS “Yarrowdale”
George ANDERSON SS “Aaro”
Hekichi FUGIWARA SS “Cordova”
Charles COLFAR “Georgia”


M10039 1918 1/8/1918 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding copy of communication received at the Hague from Scheveningen relating to the difficulty experienced by Masters and Engineers in obtaining repatriation when “exchange” drafts are being made.Previous Paper 304-8990Complaint of Merchant Seamen Prisoners of War. Scheveningen 1st July 1918 sent to Lieutenant A F AVELING Prisoner of War Department, The British Legation, The Hague. signed by


James E TAYLOR  SS “Dearne” 
George MCCOLL SS “Garvelpark” 
S A HENRIKSEN SS “Indiabola”

Prisoner of War Department response to the “Complaint”

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