MT 9/1133

This page contains additional information on The National Archives file MT 9/1133.

A medium sized piece divided into separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been record.



BT Reference File date Description
M854 1918 14/1/1918 Admiralty – Forwarding copy of a letter addressed to the Prisoners of War Department on the question of preferential treatment accorded to Officers of the Mercantile Marine in the matter of parcels.
M42077 1917 31/12/1917 Admiralty – Forward copy letter from Prisoners of war Department re preferential treatment in the matter of parcels accorded to Merchant Officers interned in civilian camps in Germany.
M41862 1917 19/12/1917 Mr BAKER – Correspondence with Mr EVANS (Admiralty) re inclusion of skippers, mates and second hands of fishing vessels as officers re parcels.Includes copy of “Communication with Prisoners of War Interned Abroad” October 1917.
M41412 1917 10/12/1917 Prisoner War of Department – Copy letter to Admiralty re preferential treatment of officers of Merchant Marine re parcels
M37815 1917 29/9/1917 War Office – Postpone the start of new scheme for parcels for officers Prisoners of War until 1st November.Includes press cutting “Officers’ Parcels, To the Editor of The Times, L S JAMESON Chairman Central Prisoners of War Committee”
M36859 1917 11/9/1917 War Office – Copy of revised scheme for ? to officer Prisoners of WarIncludes Memorandum Officers’ Parcel Scheme 1st October 1917
M34494 1917 30/7/1917 GPO – Stating that introduction of new regulation re despatch of parcels to Prisoners of War has been proposed and that leaflet still continues in force.
M33014 1917 4/7/1917 War Office – Decided to delete words “Interned in a combatant Prisoners of War Camp” to avoid [?] among Officers of Mercantile Marine. Previous Paper 3985-32309.
M32309 1917 22/6/1917 War Office – Copy scheme by Central Prisoners of War Committee re supply of parcels to Officers interned in enemy countries. Previous Paper 3985.
M40313 1917 19/11/1917 Prisoners of War Department – Copy letter to Admiralty re complaint respecting preferential treatment of Merchant Marine Officers interned in Germany in civilian camps. Previous Paper 827-40098.
M33519 1917 11/7/1917 Admiralty – Forwarding copy letter sent to the British and Foreign Sailors Society with explanatory memorandum on the regulations for sending out parcels parcel for officer Prisoner of War. Previous Paper 31885/32747.
M32747 1917 29/6/1917 Prisoners of War Department – Forward copy of letter from War Office re assimilate Parcels for Officers Prisoners of War. Previous Paper 32309.
M33743 1917 16/7/1917 Marie COX 4 Stamford Grove E Upper Clapton – Asking how she may send parcels to her son after August 1st. Ship “Campeador”.
M36998 1917 14/9/1917 Central Prisoners of War Committee. Asking for definite ruling as to whether officers and men of the mercantile marine are allowed to wear uniform while Prisoners of War. Folder Marked Keep with 854/18.
M3985 1917 25/1/1917 Central Prisoners of War Committee. Despatch of parcels – Ratings to be treated as officers. Consider it desirable to leave matter as stated on Boards letter.
M32224 1916 23/11/1916 A Division – Parcels for Mercantile Marine Prisoners of War. Draft letter to Major A.Y.G. CAMPBELL CBE and to Mr W.J. EVANS (Admiralty) respecting ratings to be treated as Officers. Previous Paper 60-32218. Folder Marked Keep with 854/18. includes sample parcel label “Packed and despatched by the Central Prisoners of War Committee of the British Red Cross Society and Order of St John of Jerusalem in England”.
M18722 1916 12/6/1916 Foreign Office – Copy note from U.S. Ambassador with enclosures relative to suggested transfer to [Switzerland?] of British and German ships officers interned in Germany and this country respectively. Includes copy of letter from James W GERARD (US Ambassador Berlin dated 28th June 1916 forwarding a letter (19th June 1916) from Mr J POWELL of the camp at Ruhleben and enclosing a list of 60 names. List entitled “List of Master Marines, Mates and Engineers 55 Years of age and over”. Includes Name, Date of Birth, rank and RuhlebenBarrack number.e.g. ATKINSON Mark 23/11/1853 First Mate 2. Page one of list has 20% missing but file contains complete second copy. Previous Paper 60-18679. Folder Marked Keep with 854/18

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