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This page contains additional information on The National Archives File MT 9/1127.

Medium sized piece divided in separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been recorded.

The file mainly relates to the crew of the ship “Eskimo” which was captured off coast of Norway on 26/7/1916 by SMS Moewe (Auxiliary Cruiser) and the crew became Prisoners of War.


Old Reference File date Description
M81 1918 01/01/1918 Prisoners of War Department – SS ”Eskimo” – Transmitting copy of correspondence received from the Swiss Government relating to the internment of and repatriation of four seamen belong to vessel.Previous Paper 34002/17.Letter Ernest MOORE is actually Ernest MEARA

List No P.M. 503 of 9/9/1918 (Official German List forwarded through Geneva Red Cross 20/8/1918).List includes NHITING [WHITTING?] Richard SMITH Alfred Ernest MOORE All of “Eskimo” captured off Norway 26/7/1916.

List arrived at Boston 31/8/1918 by 20th Transport :- FEATHERSTONE, Herbert, Fireman, ex SS “Eskimo”

Extract: List No H.B.13896 Mr HUGO L. Wireless Operation, ex SS “Eskimo”

Official German List of Prisoners of War Repatriated 31.8.1918 SS “Eskimo” L.P.G. HUGO Wireless Operator

Official German List of Prisoners of War Repatriated 18.8.1918 SS “Eskimo” D PYE Chief Cook

Handwritten note entitled “CPWC Camp Changes between August 24 and August 30 1918”. SS “Eskimo” SMITH A Fireman Altdamm to [?]

Handwritten list from No X.79295 British Officers arrived in Holland for Internment 27th June 1918 (Transferred from Germany) Notified by SBO The Hague Holland in a telegram dated 27th June1918 received in War Office 28th June 1918. BEALE A.H. MORTON W WILSON H H HARRISON J W SCOTT A D BELL J W De HUGO L P All of SS “Eskimo”, list names last camps in Germany.

Extract from list no PM 357 11/3/1918 (Official German List forwarded through Geneva Red Cross 27/2/1918). Horace SHAW, SS “Eskimo” captured near Lingor 26/7/1916, born Hull 4/8/1893, Address (Father) Ulr. S. 259 The Boulevard Hull.

Extract from Camp List 373 from report of visit of Dutch Legation Berlin to camp at Altdamm Lazarette on 19/12/1917. Carpenter Ernest HANSEN SS “Eskimo”.

Extract from list no PM 302 5/1/1918 (Official German List forwarded through Geneva Red Cross 27/12/1917). H SHAW, SS “Eskimo” captured near Lyngor Norway 26/7/1916, born Hull 4/8/1893, Address Mr Shaw, 259 The Boulevard Hull. Strohen (Kr Sulingen) From Altdamm.

24/1/1918 From Hull and E Riding Voluntary Aid Committee D F LYNCH of the “Eskimo” now at Altdamm no 35183. P.C. [Postcard] from prisoner 25/11/17.

29/12/1917 From Hull and E Riding PoW Fund. Horace SHAW SS “Eskimo” at Officer Camp Strohen (from Altdamm). P.C. [Postcard] from prisoner 27/12/17.

20/12/1917 re copy of correspondence from Swiss government re internment of 4 seamen from SS “Eskimo”.

18/6/1917 Letter from Wm MORTON at Altdamm re allowances.

M34002 1917 20/7/1917 The Imperial Merchant Service Guild, Liverpool – SS “Eskimo”Forward copy letter W MORTON and H WILSON and asking Board to arrange that these officers be transferred to officer camp, includes list of 15 officers from various ships still interned in civilian camps.

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