MT 9/1101

This page contains additional information on The National Archives file MT 9/1101.A medium sized piece divided into separate folders each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (with the year) reference start with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been recorded.
The file concerns Captain James BLAIKIE who was in charge of the ship the “Caledonia” when she met her fate in the Mediterranean on December 5th, 1916. When 125 miles east of Malta she encountered the German submarine U-65, which torpedoed her without warning. Captain BLAIKIE tried to ram the submarine, and struck her, but the impact was insufficient to sink her. The “Caledonia” sank within three quarters of an hour. Captain BLAIKIE was taken prisoner by the Germans.


BT Reference File date Description
M32285 1917 21/6/1917 Chamber of Shipping of UK“Caledonian” Captain BLAIKIE. Forwarding correspondence replacing with military captains at beginning of imprisonment with allowance from German Government with alternative now being placed in seamen’s camp without allowance. Previous File 1467-321622/5/1917 Letter from Captain BLAIKIE from Brandenburg Prisoner of War camp.
M3216 1917 19/1/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy of correspondence with U S Ambassador as to Captain BLAIKIE of the “Caledonia”.Previous Paper 1467-1689.Letter from American Ambassador (Ref No 2227 10479/1218/P).
M1689 1917 8/1/1917 War Department – Copy of letter Anchor Line Ltd re welfare of Captain BLAIKIE of the “Caledonia”.Previous Paper 1467.4/1/1916 Letter from Anchor Line, St Vincent Place, Glasgow saying Mrs BLACKIE has received a postcard from her husband whose contact details are James BLAIKIE, Abteilung 3 Stube, Offiziergefanenenlager, Mainz, Germany.
M1467 1917 6/1/1917 Prisoner of War Department – Copy notes between Foreign Office and US Ambassador respecting safety of Captain BLAIKIE.Previous Paper 35561-36635/162/1/1917 Letter from American Ambassador (ref No 2016 3241/1218/P).

27/12/1916 Letter from Foreign Office re Captain BLAIKIE.

M36635 1916 27/12/1916 Prisoner of War Department – Forwarding Correspondence with US Ambassador re welfare of Captain BLAIKIE.Previous Paper 35561-36376.
18/12/1916 Letter from American Embassy London (ref No 1736 ??152/1218/P). Compares FRYATT and Captain BLAIKIE cases and gives assurances for his safety from German Foreign Secretary of State.
M36376 1916 22/12/1916 Prisoner of War Department – Copy note from US Ambassador reporting telegram from Charge d’ affairs at Berlin that Captain BLAIKIE of the “Caledonia” will not share fate of Captain FRYATT. Previous paper 35561-36219.
M36219 1916 21/12/1916 Prisoners of War Department – Copy note to US Ambassador re treatment of Captain BLAIKIE of the “Caledonia”Previous Paper 35561.
M35561 1916 14/12/1916 Prisoners of War Department – “Caledonia” Copy note to US Ambassador re Capt J BLAIKIE who was taken prisoner. File cover includes press cutting from The Times 20/12/1916“Germany and Captain BLAIKIE The Chancellor of the Exchequer, replying to Mr E CECH (Aston Manor) said :- I am glad to be able to inform the House that a telegram has now been received from the United States Ambassador to the effect that the German Foreign Office has given a personal assurance to the Charge d’ Affairs of the United States Government in Berlin that Captain BLAIKIE will not share the fate of Captain FRYATT. It is added that the German Admiralty consider the Caledonia as an armed cruiser, and therefore in attempting to ram the submarine Captain BLAIKIE was only doing his duty.”

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