MT 9/1066

This page contains additional information on The National Archives File MT 9/1066.

A medium sized piece which has several folders, each covering a discreet set of correspondence. Each folder has a unique (within the year) reference starting with the letter ‘M’.

The folders are presented in the order that they to be found in the piece.

Whilst primarily the information recorded here is the summary as written on the folder, in some cases details of particular documents of interest within the folders have been recorded.


BT Reference File date Description
M30276 1916 8/11/1916 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – FRYATT National Memorial – Forward copy letter to Foreign Office and papers re appeal for contributions. Previous Paper 21810-27039.Printed appeal for memorial for Captain FRYATT. Booklet “The murder of Captain FRYATT”.
M21810 1916 16/8/1916 Foreign Office – Copy of letter from H M Ambassador at PetrogradPress cutting from Yorkshire Observer 10th August 1916 “Murder of Captain FRYATT – Lord Grey’s Protest to Berlin”.Press cutting from The Daily Chronicle 11th August 1916 “A memorial to Captain FRYATT”.
M22604 1916 25/8/1916 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – Memorial in commemoration of the late Captain FRYATT.Previous Paper 20146-22114.
M23233 1916 3/9/1916 Admiralty – Memorial in memory of the late Captain FRYATT of SS Brussels.
M23655 1916 7/9/1916 Foreign Office – Copy dispatch to HM Ambassador at Petrograd relative to donation from “Society of 1914” towards a monument in memory late Captain FRYATT.Previous Paper 20146-23652.
M25131 1916 24/9/1916 Admiralty –Previous Paper 21810- 23655
M26419 1916 5/10/1916 Imperial Merchant Service Guild – Captain FRYATT –Asking Board of TradePresident to become a patron of the memorial fund.Previous Paper 21810- 25101.
M27039 1916 12/10/1916 Foreign Office – Memorial to Captain FRYATT– Copy despatch from HM Ambassador at Petrograd enclosing cheque.Previous Paper 21810-26419.
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