MT 86/143


This page contains additional information on The National Archives file MT 86/143.

This piece is a large bound volume.

This MT 86 series consists of indexes to marine correspondence between 1851 and 1919. They are arranged under names (persons, institutions and ships) and subjects.

Extract relating to Prisoners of War

MT 86/143 Items which relates to Prisoners of War are trascribed below :-

Payment of Allowances to Dependants 996/17 3572 Comparison between Merchant and R.N. officers 7956/8955 Does allowance cease on arrival of man in U.K. 5861
Inspection of Camps Lossen 310 (in MT 9/1249)

Wahmbeck 709 (in MT 9/1249) Stettin Pomerania 2896 (in MT 9/1249) Brandenburg 3129 (in MT 9/1249) Schweidnitz 3332 (in MT 9/1249) Salnerbad 4465 Strohen 4703 Salabad 5372 Bad-Colberg 5623 Triegeschale 7657 Conditions at Salabad 11910

Neutral Countries (Continued) X554 List of men arrived in Holland from German 7730 5758 5941 6198 Medical expenses re men in Switzerland 6511 Lists of names of men in Holland 6512 Status of Officers 6795 List of civilians 6796 Estimates cost of maintenance in Holland and as to obtaining list 7338 Switzerland vouchers 8113 Financial Position of merchant captains Mr PETO 8131 Supply of clothing 8996 Provision of Funds 8878 Mr PETO 9208 Officers expenses Mr PETO re demand of payment from officers re repatriation 9209 Relation of property left ? 9335 Refund of cost of repatriation by prisoners Mr HOGG MP 9500 Whether officers in hotels in Holland are required to pay two gulden per day Mr STEWART 10063 Mr STEWART MP re care of Mrs CLARKES’s allowance 10153 Circ to Ship-owners re allowances 8113 Replies to circular letter 10868 Paragraph in Newcastle Daily Chronicle re BofT appear to owners re allowances 10961 Extra assistance 11357 Change of maintenance allowance on MM Service ? 11366 Whether Government will pay wages to interned men Mr PETO 12579 Item many owners have agreed to pay wages 12736 Refund of subsistence allowance out of public funds 12768 Dependents allowances American Shipping Mirror 12910 ? exchange of certificated officers 13289 For further ? circular to owners 14571 Government liability for wages 14574

Prisoner of War Deaths Prisoner of war Deaths. List of Merchant seamen and Fisherman detained as POW in Germany Austria Hungry and Turkey. Also list of POW who died during internment. 14650/19.

Dependants of men disabled during internment Mr PETO M.P. 3572/12809.

1918Wearing of chevrons for time spent as prisoner 6789 Communications informing ship-owners of change of camp 7292. Imprisonment for refusal to work E NUGHES 7387. Special remittance to prisoners in Holland 7410. Treatment of Officers re wages at Bad Colburg 7457 Cadets. Improvement of conditions. 7558 Effects of deceased prisoners of war 7594 Non receipt of letters 7627 Presentation to representative of camp school Mr KENRICKSON 7626 Whether Governments position to Mercantile Marine can be made clear to German authorities. Cathcart Watson M.P. 7956 Table show number of men captured in 1914-15-16 7969 Repatriated Master. May he engage as relief Master 7998 Pay of interned officers 8283 Intimation of cadets and apprentices 1038/8462 Trial of J.P. YOUNG 8595 Grant of torpedo badge 1429/8695“Antaeus” Guarantee of work for J.C.WEST 879 Railway fares repatriated men 6537/9004 Separation from civilians of officers of German Mercantile Marine interned in UK 9137 Central [?] Committee : Minute on work 9509 Facilities for study of Dutch by officers 9606 Creation of Prisoners of War reception camps 9631 D FORMAN on parole – Wishes to resume as Master 9667 P YELLAND status 10136 Allowances for families of captured merchant seamen 10605 Inadequate rate of exchange Capt Pearson 1080?“Saxon Prince” and “Eddie” Receipts for ? 11055 Capt. MOWETT For copy of cert. Re transfer to officer camp 11109 Exchange of Prisoners by Dutch Steamers 11605 12319 “Sindore” As to repairability ? ? of 31 officers at Claustall 12069 E W WHITE Trail at Brandenburg 12226 Fund being raised by pensions minister Exclusion of Merchant Marine 12252 Treatment of prisoners 12261 Civilians to be sent to Holland by ? 12440

Certificates of Rank 1918 33/ List of engineers entitled to allowances 8683 Complaints by officers re non-receipt of government allowance 9561 8683 8881 9131 9136 9136 9561 9674 Difficulty in obtaining recognition of status of MCCANN 9880

Misc Papers? accommodation 12635 Compensation for loss of effects for prisoners repatriated from Germany 13224 Release of prisoners on the Italian front 13284 Release of prisoners from Austria-Hungary 13485 Relief of Russian and Serbian prisoners in Turkey 13719 German prisoners at Menby With military guard ? 14009 Capt CROMBIE Payment by Government of sum equal to saving whilst in Germany 14430 Allowances to interned officers as to charge to Ministry of Shipping 14495 Capt FRYATT (deceased) ? letter re death Great Eastern Railway. 14549 Treatment of US prisoners 14618 Ripon Camp Censoring of letters 14649 ? by Germans B MAYBE 14718

Misc paper 1919Whether prisoners are entitled to compensation for losses sustained 96 Released prisoners – compensation 174 Exchange of German money into English Currency 125 Refund of subsistence allowance paid to officers 186 Recovery of money placed to credit by German Government 195 Rations on Higher scale – Dft of scheme re issue to ex prisoners 466 Wages of prisoners – as to claiming against German Government 468 Difficulty of receiving invalid seamen in Naval Hospitals in UK 508 798 1068 1391 Repatriation of Officers and men – for statement of expenses 534 Finnish Prisoners 722 List of prisoners who have died since arrival at Smyme 843 Repatriation of Germans captured in Palestine – German Protest re route 977 (in MT 9/1266) Repatriation of Enemy Civilians from Overseas dominions. Letter to Colonial Authorities. 1052 Recognition of services of Boml CLAYTON at Ripon Repatriated P of W Camp 1211 For refund of cost of crutches T S CORNFORD 1221 Prisoners employed behind the line 1715 Camp Credits: money due to repatriated officers 1794 Letter to Treasury 3063 For Cert of applicants 6740 3063 5350 Payment of Claims re officer treatment 19012 As to liability for pay of officers MMSA 1807 R CAMERON treatment at Ripon Camp 2004 Prisoner of War Department propose to transfer all claims by prisoners to Board 2045 Neglect of prisoners after release from internment 2074 Search for missing prisoners in German 2131 Compensation of prisoner for loss of luggage 2166 Claim for hospital expenses at Venice 2197 Capt. FRYATT’s papers exhibition of 2226 Closing of reception Camps – as to dealing with seamen 2268 Payment of months wages to men on arrival in UK 2328 Refund of expenditure for maintenance in Officers camps 2391 Search for prisoners in hands of Bagdad Railway Co 3345 Return of Dts A to German P/W see seamen Home Loss of luggage – Claims to be transmitted to Board 3542 Recovery of luggage 3912 Whether wages will be paid in full during internment 4636 Dft to ship-owners for information re repatriation seamen 4818 Recognition of work performed at Ruhleben Camp by Messrs POWELL and FORD and Capt. HENRIKSEN 4926 List of Prisoners as to whether repatriated 4993 Injury received while interned Compensation 5251 Prisoners of war in Austria – As to number and percentage of mortality 5299

1919 GERMANYTreatment and repatriation of youthful prisoners 3812 304/18 German ? of expenditure as to deduction of amounts paid re camps credits 6411 Deduction of camp credits from amount due to Germans for maintenance of Officers 7615 8747 9676 Correspondence with Treasury ref payment officers treatment (2) ? of prisoners of war claim against Germany 18168 Officer Treatment Payment of claims … expenses Ty 1794/19012

Austria-Hungary – as to number of seamen interned 5299

Compensation for ill health due to internment, maintenance while in officers camp and expenses of ship-owners in ? payment of wages, memo and letter from P of W Dept re claims against German Government. 12194 Arabs interned in Germany – repatriation 13040/13911 Prisoner of war department 12154 Lascar Prisoners of War File 3757 847? 31857/20

Ripon Reception Camp Kept with 2864/19 1879/19 620/19 316/19 141014/18 14074/18 13857/18 1486/19 F960/19 14396/18 14086/18 1397/18

? for supply of clothing 10231

Wages during interment – lascars 1930

Misc (contd) 1919Compensation of fisherman for losses during internment 5352 List of deceased prisoners 5638 7625 Amounts paid by ? in respect of war during internment – refund of 50% Minutes 4626/5864 Payment of rail fares by Board 620/6070 Recognition of services of G HARRISON among the sick at Brandenburg 6585

Lascars 6071/ Payment of wages 6742 (in MT 9/1427) 8994 (in MT 9/1427) Lascars Policy of adjustment of wages of lascars released from internment 11642 And 12521 (in MT 9/1427)

“Dee” Compliant re repatriation as D.B.S. instead of as prisoners 1994/6760 Compensation of seamen captured in German ports and interned until armistice Lt Con KENWORTHY M.P. 6800 Appreciation of services of Dutch officials in connection with repatriation of prisoners through 7204 10982 Repatriation from S Africa of German subjects interned there from India 7292 expenses 8256 8994 6071/ Prisoner of war Lists 7599 Camp Changes – Dup lists 7600 Note on Prisoners of war 7680 (in MT 9/1307) Capt. FRYATT Public funeral 8661 For attendance of Board of Trade representation 8961 Resolution f appreciation 9935 Money 10325 9677 8961 9460 For refund of cost of travelling from Liverpool to Malta 8856 Army hospital Forms 9042 (in MT 9/1324) For assistance to obtain clothing 9283 Repatriated Men – as to provision for needs Lt Col BURGOYNE M.P. 9636 C KEMPHILL Shot during attempt to escape 10367“Coralie Horlock” Payment during internment of Government refund 80% 14193 Copies of prisoners of War list and list of vessels captured 14650 Co claim refund of Board of Trade allowance from date of repatriation 18391 Seamens effects – packages 18449 (18678) War Graves Memorial – Cemetery Co to be consulted 14315/18682 Claim for compensation for illegal detention in Germany by 3 seamen 19252 Ceylon native – wages – “Griefenfels” 19660 German interned in Russia H FRITZMAKER? 19682

“Neath” Masters back wages 20182.

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