MT 85/233

The MT 85 consists of registers of Marine Division correspondence between 1851 and 1919. They take the form of press copies of entries, giving brief details of correspondents, date and contents of letters and the registered number of each paper.

Subject indexes of the correspondence are contained in MT 86

The correspendence referenced by MT 85 and MT 86 is to be found in MT 9 where it has survived.

In the below extract only items related to the wreck of the “SS Berlin” in 1907 are listed.

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BT Reference File date Description File Ref
M4528 1907 21/2/1907 Rotterdam Consul “Berlin” Wrecked on New Waterway Pier Passengers and crew lost.  
M4539 1907 21/2/1907 Great Eastern Railway – “Berlin” Telgram to Mr Howell thanking him for sympathy and stating a report is ? sent to Board today.  
M4682 1907 21/2/1907 London FO – “Berlin” Telegram and note received from Marine Superintendent 4528
M4996 1907 26/2/1907 Parkeston Quay Pier – “Berlin” Fisher is making inquiries and press representative asks for copy. May copy be given. 4528
M5088 1907 26/2/1907 W C Phillips 86 Veenhader, the Hague, Holland. “Berlin” Report on wreck and newspaper report of interview with Capt T OUWEHAND of the “Flores”. 4528
M5092 1907 27/2/1907 Rewards – Draft letter to Rotterdam Cons asking for full details respecting services rendered to the “Berlin”.  
M5093 1907 28/2/1907 Rotterdam Consul – Return of work performed during week ending 23rd February 1907. 460
M5097 1907 26/2/1907 ”Berlin” Press association asking to be informed when Board proposes to hold an inquiry. 4528
M5106 1907 27/2/1907 J A J VILLIERS British Museum “Berlin” Offering his services as Dutch interpreter in case of inquiry into loss of the above. 4528
M5108 1907 27/2/1907 Harwich Recr – “Berlin” As to waiving claim for Berlin call of deposition by master of “Clacton” 4528
M5337 1907 25/2/1907 Daily Chronicle” Reporting fouling of rocket apparatus when fired to a wreck.  
M5320 1907 27/2/1907 ? Suggesting that owners of passengers engaged in continental traffic should be required to take a list of passengers at the port of departure. 4951
M5337 1907 26/2/1907 Journal of Commerce Letter re desirability of ships carrying line throwing guns.  
M5339 1907 25/2/1907 Joseph B Bristlewaite 89 High Street Bridlington Suggesting that Board should require ships to carry rocket apparatus on Board.  
M5348 1907 1/3/1907 ”Berlin” H Frost, 275 Liverpool Road, Islington. For copy of deposition. 4528
M5399 1907 28/2/1907 Parliamentary Question – Notice of Question as to need for installation of rocket apparatus. 5285
M5409 1907 28/2/1907 J Stokvis 53 Vaughan Road, Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, “Berlin”, Offering his services as Dutch translator in the event of an inquiry into wreck of above. 4528
M5560 1907 2/3/1907 Foreign Office, “Berlin”, Copy despatch from HM Minister at the Hague enclosing copy of a note he has addressed to Netherlands Government conveying the appreciation of HM Government of services of those who took part in the rescue and asking for list of their names. 5092
M5561 1907 2/3/1907 The Solicitor, “Berlin” Captain PARKINSON declines to wait ashore for the inquiry unless he is paid at a higher rate than he scale authorised by the Treasury. For Board’s instruction. Statement by Captain PARKINSON and letters (2) attached. 4528
M5662 1907 4/3/1907 A Division Inquiry into Deaths. Inquiry ordered. 4528
M5663 1907 26/2/1907 The Solicitor “Berlin” Inquiry Casualty Deaths – Formal Order. 4528
M5808 1907 5/3/1907 A Holt & Co, India Buildings, Water Street, Liverpool, “Berlin”, Whether Board are willing to recompense Capt G W PARKINSON for detention on shore pending the inquiry. Stating that his vessel will sail on the 9th inst. 452
M5850 1907 5/3/1907 Plunkell and Leader 60 St Pauls Churchyard EC, “Berlin”, whether Board intend to hold inquiry. 4528
M5865 1907 5/3/1907 G G Clarke (Pannell & Coy) 12 Basinghall Street, “Berlin”, Suggesting that the draught of water was not in proportion to the height out of water at the weight carried. 4528
M5889 1907 6/3/1907 Great Eastern Railway, “Berlin”, For copy of deposition made by seamen FISHER.  
M5964 1907 6/3/1907 Anon. “Berlin” Observations.  
M5972 1907 6/3/1907 Treasury – “Berlin” Sanction payment of a special rate as detention allowance to Capt PARKINSON for the purpose of above inquiry. 4528
M5985 1907 6/3/1907 B Division, “Berlin” Particulars of Casualty to be a British Steamer. 4528
M5997 1907 6/3/1907 Addressed to President. J SPYKER, Industrielle Maatschappy Tronpenburg Amsterdam, “Berlin” , Observations on causes of disaster. Considers that GER Co did not take sufficient precautions.  

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