Lucas Martinus DU TOIT

Du Toit, Lucas Martinus (1870-?)

Born in Stanford, South Africa on 9th May 1870. Moved to Johannesburg in 1890 and fought in the Boer War, 1899 – 1902, on the Transvaal side as a burger of the State, and after peace he became a British subject again by annexation of the country, as well as by signing a document to that effect. In 1906 he left Transvaal for German South West Africa.

He committed manslaughter, for which he was sentenced on the 10th of November, 1907 to 10 years’ imprisonment. He was sent to Germany to undergo his sentence and after 7 years was released in 1915, he went to work as a male nurse in a Hospital near Potsdam for 6 months, and was interned on the 22nd of August 1915 till the 6th of June 1916, when he was certified by the Camp Doctor to be suffering from Tuberculosis.

DU TOIT was released as part of civilian Prisoner of War exchange with the United Kingdom. Escorted to the Dutch border he was able borrow some money from a South African Society in Amsterdam, and was then allowed by the British Consul to proceed to England.

He took passage on the SS Brussels which unfortunately was captured on route to England. Unlike the crew and some other passengers he was released after three weeks and allowed to continue his journey to England, where he arrived in on 15th July 1916.

High Commissioner for South Africa arranged for him to work his passage onboard the “Gordon Castle” of the Union Castle Line to South Africa.

His brother-in-law N.J. DE BRUYN lived in Stanford South Africa and 3 married sisters

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